Introducing TV Apps: They’re Fun, They’re Easy, They’re FREE.

August 18, 2009

DIRECTV presents a whole new way to enjoy TV. It’s called TV Apps. Just click the right arrow on your remote and you’ll see a menu of interactive apps, like Flickr, ScoreGuide, 5-Day Weather Forecast and Webcam that give you everything from pictures to sports scores to your local weather to live feeds of sights from around the world. It doesn’t matter what channel you’re on — the apps appear along the right side of your screen while your show continues to play, so you won’t miss a second of what you’re watching.

You can add the apps you want right from your TV screen or from the online DIRECTV App Store. Once you’ve added them, they’re available immediately. New apps will be added to our library regularly, so check back often.

To enjoy TV Apps, you need a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver (model HR20 and up), a DIRECTV Plus® DVR (model R22) or a DIRECTV HD receiver (models H21 and H23). The receiver must be connected to the Internet.

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