YouTube on Your TV

March 4, 2011

Access the world of YouTube with your remote.

If you have a DVR receiver, press the MENU button on your remote, then select Smart Search. If you have an HD receiver or an HD DVR, press MENU, select Search & Browse, then select Smart Search. Just click MENU on your remote, select Smart Search, and type your search term. Along with the TV programs that match your search, you’ll also see a listing for YouTube. Select the YouTube entry and you’ll get a list of relevant YouTube videos. Select any of them and enjoy.

For each video you select, you’ll see related information such as who uploaded the video, a small preview image, view count, the length of the video, and more. You can also use the Parental Controls function to restrict all YouTube videos. And if you have a YouTube account, you can flag any inappropriate videos.

Requirements: You’ll need an HD DVR or DVR (model R22 or higher) receiver connected to your home broadband Internet service.