August 3, 2011

With DIRECTV’s GameSearch™, Reduce the Frustration of Blackouts

Sports blackouts, a long time source of frustration and confusion for sports fans, occur when a sporting event is not televised in a certain area. But thanks to DIRECTV’s cutting-edge technology, whenever you tune in to a channel with a blacked-out game, GameSearch™ recognizes the blackout and immediately looks to see if the game is on another channel. If a broadcast of the game is found, GameSearch displays an on-screen message that gives you the option to tune in to that channel. If it can’t find one, an on-screen message will let you know the game is not available.

What’s more, if you have a game scheduled to be recorded on a DVR, GameSearch™ will look for the game on an available channel and automatically record it.

GameSearch™ is available free of charge to DIRECTV customers who have a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVRs, DIRECTV Plus® DVRs, DIRECTV®HD, or SD receivers.