When you fall asleep, so do our receivers.

January 6, 2012

Our ENERGY STAR-certified receivers have always consumed as little power as possible, and now they consume even less. With the latest updates to our HD DVR, HD, or DVR (model R22) receivers, you no longer have to worry about your receiver remaining on if you’ve fallen asleep while watching TV.

After four hours of inactivity, an on-screen display will appear to alert you that it’s about to go into Power Saving standby mode. If you happen to be watching a really long movie or game and haven’t touched your remote for four hours, you can just select Cancel and continue watching, or, if you like, go into your settings to turn the Power Saving feature off. If you do nothing, the receiver will just automatically go into standby.

To bring your receiver out of standby mode and start watching again, all you have to do is press any of the following buttons on your remote: POWER, ON, GUIDE, LIST, MENU, INFO, CHANNEL up/down.

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