Exclusive Interview: Janet McTeer on Working With Glenn Close in Albert NobbsDamages

February 21, 2012

Janet McTeer as Hubert Page in Albert Nobbs.
Photo: Patrick Redmond, Roadside Attractions

Janet McTeer and Glenn Close can’t get enough of each other these days. They worked together in Albert Nobbs and both veteran actresses received Oscar nominations for their performances. So they’ll be seeing each other on Oscar night. And the two are currently in the middle of filming the fifth and final season of the legal thriller Damages, set to air this summer exclusively on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE Network™. Our friend, Damages writer Josh Payne, recently caught up with them to talk about working together, what they think is the best part of the Oscars, and much more. Read Josh’s exclusive interview with Janet McTeer below and check out his chat with Glenn Close here.

You and Glenn Close worked together for the first time on Albert Nobbs.  What would you like people to take away from that film?

I would like them to take away the idea that one should never judge a person, really.  It’s about being non-judgmental. It takes an ordinary person an extraordinary amount of courage to get through an ordinary day sometimes.  And certainly in the case of Albert [Close’s character in Albert Nobbs]. And also it’s a film about poverty and the people who end up at the bottom of the food chain are usually the women. And there’s something wonderful about Hubert [McTeer’s character in Albert Nobbs], who— before women could vote, before women had any power—Hubert takes on the role of a male figure and has power, and can end up rescuing Helen [played by Mia Wasikowska] and can end up doing things that we now slightly take for granted. If they’re financially independent then they can look out for each other. And I think also, just that thing of big dreams. Big dreams in little lives.

Has the friendship you formed with Glenn on Albert Nobbs had an impact on your Damages work?  Does it make it easier to do scenes with her?

Well, we haven’t done that many scenes because we’re in opposition [on opposing sides of a lawsuit].  But when we do have scenes it makes it easier, yes, because you’ve already got a relationship going.

You were nominated for an Oscar for your role in Tumbleweeds. What’s your favorite part of Oscar night?

Once the actual awards thing—your bit—is over, then you can just relax and have fun.  You don’t have to worry about the dress, or if you have to say anything, or anything like that.  It’s just fun.