Peyton Manning in His New Broncos Jersey. Plus, Exclusive Interview and Photos!

April 30, 2012

Photo credit: Andrew Werner

It’s been a busy offseason for Peyton Manning. We caught up with him when he joined Eli Manning and Deion Sanders on the set of the new DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET spot. We spent a few minutes chatting with all three and got an exclusive first look at Peyton Manning in his new Denver Broncos jersey.

First of all, we’re very excited to have you guys back for the new NFL SUNDAY TICKET campaign. How’s the commercial shoot going so far?
Deion: It’s going excellent. You know, I really thought after last year you could not exceed that, but adding Eli and Peyton Manning is going to take it through the roof. And the exposure that DIRECTV gives it—it’s unbelievable. With the great chemistry that we have, I feel it’s going to be something that is really going to be talked about abroad. [DIRECTV: You were a hit as “Fairy Godfather” in last season’s campaign.] I don’t know about the fairy thing. [Crowd laughs.] You know, I’m opposed and take offense to that. No one says anything about Tyler Perry in Madea. [Peyton laughs.] But you talk about us being fairies so I’m glad I got two really respectable men to join me in the fairy-ness. [Crowd laughs.]

Eli: It’s going really well—a lot of fun. I’m learning from Deion as he did a great job last year. I saw all the commercials that he did last year so I knew the gist of what I was getting into when I came here to do this. Anytime you’re working with DIRECTV, a great product, and selling the NFL and the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, it makes it fun to spread the game of football to all the fans.

Peyton: Well, it’s kind of an expansion off of what Deion did last year. I know Eli and I were both curious to see just how they filmed Deion on people’s shoulders and floating around, so it’s been fun for us to go behind the scenes. It was such an effective campaign last year. NFL SUNDAY TICKET gives fans the opportunity to watch up to 14 games in high definition, keep up with your favorite teams and players, and of course, fantasy football which we all know is so popular. Also, it’s how Eli and I have kept up with each other through our careers. It’s been a real connection for our family and it’s always fun to be with Deion and Eli. We don’t get to be together very much so we appreciate DIRECTV bringing us together a couple times a year.

Peyton, congrats on signing with the Broncos this offseason. We’re looking forward to seeing you play again. How’s the move to Denver so far?
Well, it’s been busy. All teams are in the middle of their offseason workouts. There are new rule changes. You’re not allowed as many on the field practice type sessions as you’re used to, so the ones you have, it’s very important to take advantage of the time. I’m enjoying being busy, working hard with my teammates, and trying to learn the offense. I’m excited about the challenge.

Eli, coming off a big Super Bowl victory and MVP award, how’s the offseason going for you?
Offseason has been great. Excited to get back two weeks ago with the team to start working out and start working on the things we need to improve on and get back into shape. Obviously, with the draft, seeing who’s going to be the addition, who we’re going to get to help out our team and make us better for next year. We’re working hard. We know we still got a lot of room for improvements and our division is always tough. We always have a tough season ahead of us so we got to make sure we’re always getting better.

Last question for you guys. What’s your favorite TV show to watch on DIRECTV?
Deion: NFL SUNDAY TICKET. [Crowd laughs.] That’s really true. It’s how I keep up with these guys because I like to sleep in on Sundays a little bit. [Peyton laughs].

Peyton: I know it probably sounds forced or planned but I have the same answer. When you play at different times—during the day on Sunday, night games, Monday night games—it’s tough to keep up with the NFL. And to tell you the truth, these days there’s real value in even studying and preparation in watching a game live on TV. Obviously with the coaches, we watch what is called the coach’s copy of the film. There’s no sound. There’s no broadcasting. But with the on-the-field access, the microphones, and hearing calls, and sometimes what defensive players are saying on the sideline, NFL SUNDAY TICKET has allowed, and I think Eli would agree, to kind of give you a little more insight into the opponent that you might be playing. You can even kind of play a game in your mind before you actually play by putting yourself in the situation that the Cowboys may be on a 3rd and 5. Ok, what would we do in this situation? Obviously, I love watching football, but I get some preparation and insight out of watching NFL SUNDAY TICKET as well.

Eli: Yeah, just what these guys said. [Crowd laughs.]

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