Exclusive Interview: Eli Manning Prepares to Host SNL

May 4, 2012

Photo credit: NBC

Eli Manning will have another chance to top older brother Peyton when he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend. At the shoot for the new DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET spot, we had the opportunity to sit down with the Manning brothers and discuss Eli’s upcoming gig. Find out how the reigning Super Bowl MVP is preparing and if Peyton, who hosted in 2007, has any tips for his little brother.

Eli, we’re really excited for your Saturday Night Live debut on May 5th. How have you prepared so far? Have you had a chance to meet with the cast and writers?
Eli: I’ve had no meetings yet. I think the preparation for Saturday Night Live is a lot like a football week. They are preparing for a show this Saturday. I go in on Monday, just like going in for a football week. I go in Monday and start studying the game plan to see what plays we’re going to run. You practice a few days and all of a sudden—Saturday night—it’s live. Just like for football it’s live. There’s no turning back. Everything that you do will be displayed—the good and the bad. So I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a fun week and I’m looking forward to getting started.

Peyton, you hosted SNL in 2007. Did you give Eli any tips?
Peyton: Oh, he doesn’t need any tips. He’ll have a fun week. That was probably the most enjoyable thing for me—the experience of it and just seeing how it works. We certainly know how the NFL routine works, but going behind the scenes of another job/craft and seeing how talented these comedians are— that was the most enjoyable part of it for me. I think Eli’s experience will be very special, being here in New York, where he plays. I know he’ll enjoy the week.

Peyton’s “United Way” spoof was a touchdown. Eli, are we going to see an Eli version of the skit?
I don’t know. I think he nailed that one. That was a great skit for him and one of the all-time classics. Hopefully, I can have something close to as successful and as funny as that skit was.

Maybe we can bring a sequel to football cops?
Peyton: Absolutely.

Anytime I can put a mustache on I’m all for it. [Crowd laughs.]

He means that.

I have mustache in me.