Desperate Housewives Series Finale: Walking Down Wisteria Lane

May 11, 2012

With the Desperate Housewives series finale approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to the ladies of Wisteria Lane.

Since its beginnings nine years ago, the characters of Desperate Housewives have been through quite the journey. Now it’s time for their stories to come to a close. Where have they come from and where are they going in the series finale? Find out.

The show was an immediate success once it debuted, but many don’t realize that its creator, Marc Cherry, had to go through seven different networks before ABC picked it up. Desperate Housewives would become the most popular show in its demographic internationally, and go on to win multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor’s Guild awards. Clearly, the public was interested in the stories of these women and the strange adventures they get into on Wisteria Lane. A lot has happened in the last eight seasons for sure.

Since Desperate Housewives began in 2003, we’ve followed Susan, Lynette, Gaby, and Bree through divorces, new neighbors, tornados, heartbreaks, and the death of loved ones. Though they’re all in different places from where they were when the series began, they’re still standing. But all this could change in the series finale.

In the two-hour series finale, Bree is a step away from being convicted for Alejandro’s murder, while Gaby works behind the scenes to clear her name. Susan is getting ready to move but doesn’t want the other women in the neighborhood to know yet. Meanwhile, Katherine Mayfair has returned with a job proposal for Lynette that could put a fork in her reconciliation with Tom. Renee finds out that her wedding may have to be postponed when she finds out Ben is in jail. Clearly there’s a lot to resolve in the final two hours.

Are you ready for the Desperate Housewives finale? Tune in Sunday, May 13, at 9 p.m. on ABC. Say your farewells to the ladies of Wisteria Lane.