Damages Guest Star Profile: Zeljko Ivanek as Ray Fiske

May 14, 2012

Damages producers were well acquainted with Zeljko Ivanek’s work prior to casting him as Ray Fiske, Arthur Frobisher‘s attorney in Season 1. He’s an accomplished stage and screen actor who’s received multiple Tony Award nominations and, subsequently, an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Fiske. Well deserved, we say. Josh Payne gives us more insider scoop on Zeljko and his complex Damages character.

As Arthur Frobisher’s attorney, Ray Fiske has an impossibly difficult job. He has to go head to head with Patty Hewes, while at the same time manage the ego and expectations of his client. He leads with his southern grace and charm, but is willing to roll up his sleeves when the occasion demands it.

Ray Fiske has the daunting task of serving as attorney, confidant and friend to Arthur Frobisher. When we meet Ray, he attempts to convince Patty Hewes to put the Frobisher lawsuit to rest by recommending a settlement offer to her clients. Exuding Southern charm and a keen legal mind, Fiske is an able adversary for Patty. In his relationship with the impetuous Frobisher, Fiske feels like the adult with his steady hand on the rudder. But as the season goes on, we learn Fiske’s own secret — that he is a closeted gay man who leaked stock tips to his crush — was ultimately what gave Patty the ammunition she needed to bring Frobisher down.

Zeljko is a journeyman actor who has been around for decades, quietly turning in one outstanding performance after another. Initially, the character of Ray Fiske wasn’t meant to be such a large presence in the series. But once the Damages producers saw Zeljko’s work in the dailies, they began beefing up his role. Everyone on the show was thrilled when he won an Emmy for his role on Damages.

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