Summer Lovin': Movies of June Pt. 1

May 29, 2012

While you may have already basked in the projected glow of May’s movies, summer movie season is only just starting to heat up as June brings gothic fairy tales, heavy metal musicals and parasitic alien terror! Check out Part 1 of our June movie wrap-up below!

Snow White & the Huntsman—June 1

A dark take on a classic fable, Snow White & the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, the battle-savvy step-daughter of Charlize Theron’s evil Queen Ravenna. On the run, Snow finds herself pursued by Chris Hemsworth playing the eponymous Huntsman hired to find and kill the “fairest of them all.” Eventually overcoming the queen’s guile, the Huntsman teams up with Snow and her eight diminutive cohorts in an attempt to overthrow the sinister malefactor.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted—June 8

After escaping Africa, a group of exotic animals, voiced by Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, and Jada Pinkett Smith, among others, sets their sights on a return to their home turf of New York. Their plan goes askew when they happen across a Monte Carlo circus that requires their show biz know-how to infuse some much-needed revitalization into the ailing production.

Prometheus—June 8

When Ridley Scott makes a prequel to one of sci-fi’s most valued touchstones, in this case, the seminal Alien, nothing short of inter-planetary warfare itself will keep fans from frothing at the mouth. Starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, this galactic thriller delves into the origins of humanity while hearkening back to Scott’s archetypal space case.

Rock of Ages—June 15

An all-star cast brings the Broadway spectacular about 80s glam rock on the Sunset Strip to life on the big screen…with sexy results! Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Brian Cranston, and Catherine Zeta-Jones play various members of the Hollywood music scene as they navigate love and metal in the Age of Aquanet.

That’s My Boy—June 15

Adam Sandler returns as a partying padre attempting to collect money he owes the IRS from his estranged son, a straight-laced businessman played by Andy Samberg. Confronted with his poor parenting, Sandler must right 30 years of wrongs while avoiding jail time.

Stay tuned as we’ll return next week with Part 2 of June’s must-see titles!