This Week’s Top Flicks: June 1

June 1, 2012

It’s a battle of wills in this week’s list of top movies as Liam Neeson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Cuba Gooding Jr. go up against a mighty adversary: Reese Witherspoon.

This Means War

It’s a spy vs. spy love triangle on top this week as CIA agents played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy look to outdo each other in hopes of getting lucky with Reese Witherspoon.

Red Tails

Following the trials and tribulations of two Tuskegee Airmen played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard, this George Lucas-produced WWII epic flies into our number two spot.

The Grey

The tenacious Liam Neeson continues to hold his ground this week against the wilds of Alaska in this visually stunning thriller.

The Woman in Black

His first film since defeating He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, The Woman in Black has Daniel Radcliffe looking for some of that ol’ Potter magic as he battles a murderous spirit.


This trio of telekinetic teens will themselves into our Top 5 once again with this found-footage fantasy.