This Week’s Top Flicks: June 8

June 8, 2012

From frightening Portland pits to the scenic vistas of Barsoom (that’s Mars to you and me) this week’s top movies will go to any lengths to make it onto your must-watch list!


A kidnapping survivor played by Amanda Seyfried escapes a muddy (and bloody) demise in this tense thriller. But when the Portland PD doesn’t believe that her kidnapper has resurfaced, the hunter becomes the hunted.

 Safe House

Don’t be fooled by its cozy title – Safe House is anything but as Denzel Washington’s rogue CIA operative leads rookie agent Ryan Reynolds down the trail of a government conspiracy.

Red Tails

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard circle around for another pass this week as they portray WWII pilots looking to prove their worth in this George Lucas epic.

 Act of Valor

This unforgettable action tale uses real Navy SEALS and crewmen to maximum effect as they span the globe to rout out a terrorist cell looking to strike the US.

John Carter

Based on the century-old sci-fi books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch as the titular Civil War-era soldier who finds himself mysteriously transported to the Red Planet where new found strength allows him to fight against an oppressive regime.