Find Phil Shifley, Win Bragging Rights

June 11, 2012

Phil Shifley* got bored waiting for the cable guy, looked out the window, saw something he shouldn’t have seen, vanished, dyed his eyebrows, attended his own funeral and went on the lam. It’s been about a month and it’s starting to take its toll. He can’t trust anyone and can’t contact his family and friends.

What’s a lonely guy on the run to do? Start a Facebook page, of course. Phil’s been racking up Facebook friends and letting them know what he’s up to. Now, he’s taking it one step further and dropping hints about where he is. Phil will be adding a new clue as to his whereabouts to his status updates every day this week. Figure out where he is and win bragging rights.

And when you win bragging rights, your friends buy you a beer.

*Name changed to protect the innocent.