Where the Girls Are: A Girls Recap and Finale Preview

June 15, 2012

Girls is one of the most-talked-about shows of 2012. Critical reception has varied widely—reviewers either love or hate the show, but no one seems indifferent. Judging from all this passionate attention, it’s clear there is something special about Girls. Let’s take a look at what’s happened in the series so far, and where we can expect Girls to go in the season finale.

In the Girls pilot, Hannah Horvath has just been cut off from her parents’ financial support, and is having a casual relationship with Adam, a man who never responds to her texts. Meanwhile, Hannah’s friends Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna have their own obstacles to overcome. Marnie is in a four-year relationship with Charlie that has become so stale she likens his touch to that of a “gross uncle.” Jessa arrives in the city, unemployed and pregnant, while Shoshanna is a 22 year-old virgin who bases her understanding of the world on what she’s seen on Sex and the City.

Since the pilot, Hannah’s relationship with Adam has grown and now they’re an official couple. Meanwhile, Hannah and Marnie’s relationship has gone sour, and Marnie is planning to move out. At the same time Marnie and Jessa, once completely at odds, are growing closer despite their many differences. Shoshanna is taking steps to get herself out in the world so she can meet a boy, including creating a profile on an online dating site. But what’s the next step for the girls?

In the season finale, Hannah is working a new job at a café. She and Adam are together, but things are rocky, and they get in a fight. Marnie still wants to move out, but instead of developing her usual concrete plan, she decides to take a step back. She also seeks to get in touch with her more spontaneous, free-spirited side when she attends a mystery party hosted by Jessa. This mystery party may also be the place where Shoshanna could meet the one.

Excited for the season finale? Tune in this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO®, and see what happens to Hannah and the girls. It’ll be the last time you get to see them before the premiere of Season Two.