4th of July Movies: Five You’ll Love

July 3, 2012

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.

Think fireworks, hot dogs and frosty beverages are the only way to celebrate America’s birth? Think again, patriots! Check out our selection of some of the finest 4th of July cinema this great nation has to offer right here!

Independence Day
Young America’s ouster of the British 200-plus years ago was great and all, but Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum’s ability to repel millions of aggressive aliens with a trifecta of aerial combat skills, presidential gravitas and 90s-style computer hacking ranks among our greatest fictional accomplishments.

Born on the Fourth of July
The 1989 film that earned Tom Cruise his first Oscar nomination, this Oliver Stone classic broached the part of the Vietnam War few films had dealt with up to that point – what happens when you come home?

The Patriot
While clinging to the American ideal, if not exactly the American reality, of the Revolutionary War, Roland Emmerich and Mel Gibson’s fictional epic depicts the harrowing experiences of early South Carolinian family who get caught up in the fight against the crown.

Top Gun
So nice, we included him twice, the newly single Tom Cruise takes to the skies in this quintessential piece of 80s American pop-culture. As the cocky fighter pilot Maverick, Cruise, along with Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards, follow the “Highway to the Danger Zone” where they encounter Cold War-era Russian MiGs.

What’s more American than a film about Ben Franklin, John Adams and John Hancock signing the Declaration of Independence? Try Ben Franklin, John Adams and John Hancock SINGING Broadway showtunes ABOUT signing the Declaration of Independence! USA! USA!