Movie News: Ed Helms to go on New Vacation

July 12, 2012

Hilarious everyman, Ed Helms, best known for his work on The Office and The Hangover series, looks to be heading for yet another major excursion as he has just been cast as the lead in a reboot/sequel of the Vacation series.

Originally made famous by Chevy Chase as put-upon father Clark W. Griswold, the new Vacation will star Helms as the adult version of Clark’s son, Rusty, first played by Anthony Michael Hall, who now looks to take his own family on the trip of a lifetime.

The new Vacation will start filming next year after Helms finishes his work on the ninth season of The Office as well as a third Hangover movie. No word on whether or not we should expect to see Chase reprise the role of Clark for the first time since Vegas Vacation fifteen years ago, but we expect it’s likely.

Roll ‘em up!