Shark Week Celebrates 25 Years!

July 30, 2012

Shark Week, cable’s longest-running programming event, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with eight all-new specials beginning Sunday, August 12 at 9pm ET on Discovery Channel. To get you ready for this fin-tastic event, DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE Network™ is airing a special pre-premiere of Shark Fight, two full weeks before it airs on Discovery (August 15th at 9pm ET). In addition to the pre-premiere, the AUDIENCE Network™ will also be airing the following Shark documentaries and movies.

Shark Fight
Shark attack victims around the world have devoted their lives to saving their attackers. Meet the survivors and hear their incredible stories.

Mysteries of the Shark Coast
A cross-discipline scientific team undertakes the largest shark tagging expedition in Australian history. Their mission: To discover the cause for the mysterious decline of sharks off northeast Australia and to record the secret behaviors of sharks.

Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever
A dramatic documentary featuring the story of the of the USS Indianapolis in World War II. Explore the sinking and the horrifying shark attacks that cost hundreds of soldiers’ lives.

Killer Sharks
It’s going to be a Killer Christmas! One of the most brutal, deadly, and unstoppable series of shark attacks terrorizes the coastal tourist towns of South Africa during the holiday season of 1957.

Blood in the Water
A boating party up South Africa’s Zambezi River gets thrown over by a hippo, dumping them in a river of crocodiles. When one man heads for shore only to be attacked, he must survive a night of predators while the others have only an oar for protection.

AUDIENCE Network™ (Ch. 239) is home to some of the smartest, most daring entertainment on TV. And it’s available only on DIRECTV. Tune in today.