Missed the Season Premiere of Boss? Watch it Now on Facebook

August 24, 2012

Power corrupts. Watch how it continues to affect Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) in the new season of Boss. If you haven’t seen the season two premiere yet, you can watch it for free on our Boss Facebook tab, whether you’re a STARZ subscriber or not. All you have to do is like the DIRECTV Facebook page, and you can start watching. While you’re there, don’t forget to access the special behind-the-scenes footage and see what price you would pay for power in our special app that makes you governor.

In case you’ve forgotten, last season on Boss Tom Kane evaded impeachment. He found out his top advisor and his wife were conspiring against him, but he still managed to secure his control over City Hall. In the Season Two premiere, Mayor Kane celebrates his political achievements. But while his political future may be on the rise, his health continues to cause him problems. Will his personal life affect his political success? Watch now and find out.