Movie News: Viggo Mortensen to Join Marvel Universe?

September 10, 2012

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

With Iron Man 3 less than a year away, the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe is gearing up for kick-off, with several names being thrown around for some major post-Avengers roles.

The biggest rumor coming from a thus far reliable Twitter source claiming that Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortensen, is in talks to play a major role in next fall’s Thor: The Dark World. While not explicitly stated, the source goes on to intimate that Mortensen would take on the role of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange.  Previously, Warrior’s Joel Edgerton was reportedly being considered for the part.

Dr. Strange has long been rumored for the Marvel films. His introduction in The Dark World would make sense given the comic book history between the sorcerer and the Norse god, as well as the cosmic trajectory laid out in this summer’s Avengers. And for those with keen eyes, a couple of Strange-centric clues strewn about the original Thor film make his appearance all the more likely.