Movie News: Resident Evil Director to Adapt Monster Hunter?

September 13, 2012

Video games are big business, but much to Hollywood’s chagrin, movies based on them rarely gain much traction with audiences. However, the Resident Evil series, based on Capcom’s zombie games of the same name, have not only risen from the game-to-movie graveyard—they’ve utterly thrived.

After ten years and four films, with a fifth release, Resident Evil: Retribution, due this weekend, the sci-fi horror franchise helmed by director Paul W.S. Anderson has raked in over $675 million to date.

Based on his success with the undead, several recent reports have placed Anderson in talks with Capcom to take on another one of their biggest properties, Monster Hunter.

While not as wildly popular in the U.S. as it is in Japan, Monster Hunter centers on a hunter who goes after enormous creatures that prey upon his village. The premise offers Anderson the opportunity to create just the sort of visual spectacle he excels at.

While no dates have been set, Anderson is reportedly excited about bringing Monster Hunter to the silver screen. The movie is currently in the early stages of development.