Has Dexter Made His Last Kill? Season 7 Starts Sunday

September 26, 2012

Photo credit: SHOWTIME®

Everyone’s favorite serial killer is back for an all-new season this Sunday, bringing his special brand of vigilante justice to the – irony alert – serial killers he tracks by day as a forensics expert.

Dexter, based on the books by Jeff Lindsay, is the tale of an everyday guy. He’s a loving father and caring sibling and coworker who just happens to have his moments as a homicidal maniac.


He only kills those that repeatedly kill others.

The last time we saw Dexter (Michael C. Hall) it seemed like his luck was running out. His identity had been compromised by Travis (Colin Hanks), the killer he was currently stalking, and he and his son became the prey. He finally got the upper hand and got Travis on his killing table, but things didn’t completely go as planned when his sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), walked in and saw him strike the death blow.

What will happen in season 7? Will Deb, a police lieutenant, bring Dexter in, or will she turn a blind eye, especially since she realized last season that she doesn’t just love Dexter as an adoptive brother, she’s in love with him? Speaking of, how will the incestuous undertones between Dexter and Deb play out? (Even though they’re not blood related, they grew up together as brother and sister, so there is definitely an incest ick factor.)

Will Dexter be able to talk his way out of this mess and continue to get away with bringing killers to justice? Will what Deb saw be what she needs to not have feelings for Dexter anymore? Watch the first two minutes of the season premiere below and tune in to see how it ends.

Season 7 of Dexter premieres Sunday, September 30, at 9 p.m. on SHOWTIME®.


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