Fantasy Football TV App

September 27, 2012

Get Real-Time Scores for Your Fantasy Team on

Here’s how to track your team on your TV screen:

  • Press the right arrow on your remote to bring up the TV Apps menu
  • Select the Fantasy Football TV app
  • Sign in with your fantasy username/password
  • Select your fantasy football league
  • Choose between your league’s weekly matchup status (“League”), in-game stats on your fantasy players (“My Team”), or detailed head-to-head stats from your weekly matchup (“Game Center”)
  • To watch one of your fantasy player’s games in real-time, simply select the “Watch” icon next to the player’s name. (Note: You must be a NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscriber to see this option.)
  • At any time, you can select “Minimize” from the main menu to see only the score from your weekly matchup in the lower right-hand corner of the TV screen

Create or join a fantasy football league for FREE on It’s serious fun!

Additional details:
To enjoy TV Apps, you need a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver (model HR 20 and up), a DIRECTV Plus® DVR (model R22) or a DIRECTV HD receiver (models H21 and H23). The receiver must be connected to the internet. Visit for the CBS Interactive Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.