Movie News: Emily Blunt for Avengers 2?

October 8, 2012

It seems every week there is a new rumor about Marvel’s next casting move – and this week is no different!

The rumor in question involves the character of Ms. Marvel, an ex-military operative turned super-powered badass. Who will be playing her in the Avengers sequel?

No one has yet officially stated that Ms. Marvel will even be a part of Avengers 2. But the UK’s Daily Mail has asserted that Looper star Emily Blunt is being named, alongside Luther actress Ruth Wilson, as a candidate to take on the role of the flying hero.

Interestingly, Blunt was originally chosen to play the Black Widow, who first appeared in Iron Man 2. However, a contract with Twentieth Century Fox forced Blunt out of the role, allowing Scarlett Johansson to fill the void.

Avengers 2 starts filming next year so we should know very soon who will be filling the team’s expanded slots soon enough!