A Filmmaker Battles a Corporation in Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

November 30, 2012

What happens when one man goes up against a corporation? Find out in Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, the story of Swedish documentarian Fredrick Gertten and his battle with the Dole Food Company.

In his previous movie, Bananas!*, Gertten told the story of a lawsuit filed against Dole Food Company by a group of plantation workers. It was selected to make a world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, but the screening never happened. Under pressure from Dole, the Los Angeles Film Festival pulled Bananas!* from the schedule. And that was just the beginning.

In his follow-up film, Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, Gertten documents the backlash from Dole because of Bananas!*. From attacks on Gertten’s character to a full-on lawsuit against him, Gertten reveals the tactics that the company employed to bring him down.

Find out what happened when you catch Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, premiering Saturday, December 1, on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE Network™.