Merlin Returns for a Final Season

January 3, 2013

After four action-packed seasons, Merlin begins its final season during the glory days of Camelot, when Arthur’s kingdom is at its peak. Will Arthur be able to maintain his golden hour? Well, you know how the story goes.

In the season premiere, the seeds for destruction have already been sown. Arthur and Merlin learn that Sir Gwaine and one of Camelot’s finest battalions are lost in the northern lands of Ismere. Is Morgana Pendragon behind their disappearance? Arthur and Merlin set off on a journey to find out. But during that journey, Merlin begins to see visions of Arthur’s tragic death. Back at the palace, Queen Guinevere searches for the traitor who put everyone’s life on the line.

Want to know more? You have to watch and see. Tune in to the Season Five premiere of Merlin on Friday, January 4, at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

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