Scandal‘s Kerry Washington: Eight Questions

January 9, 2013

Photo credit: ABC

Scandal‘s Kerry Washington took time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our pressing questions. Check out her answers and don’t miss all-new episodes of Scandal starting Thursday, January 10 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

When creating the character of Olivia on Scandal what if any of your own character traits did you bring to the role?
Kerry Washington: I wonder what my friends would say, but I think the thing that Olivia and I share the most are the qualities of curiosity and compassion. Olivia is very interested in who people are, what they think, how they feel – and she processes that information in a non-judgmental/compassionate way. I think in many ways, her compassion and caring are her greatest strengths AND her greatest challenge.

The role is based on the life of Judy Smith. What is it like having her as a producer/technical advisor on the show?
KW: I am so grateful to Judy. Her experience and wisdom ground the show. I am constantly calling her to obtain more details about the world of crisis-management.

If you could have dinner with any president, alive or dead, who would it be?
KW: Nelson Mandela

Tell us about working with Shondra Rhimes, creator of such hits as Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.
KW: I LOVE working for Shonda Rhimes. She is a constant source of inspiration. I am floored by how much she juggles as a writer/producer/show-runner/mom and I will NEVER be able to adequately thank her for the opportunity to play Olivia Pope. As a cast, we are always talking about how blown away we are EACH WEEK by these scripts. It is exciting to work for such a smart, powerful, kind and courageous woman.

Who are your all time favorite TV divas?
KW: Miss Piggy

You have starred in many movies. Tell us about your latest film Django Unchained.
KW: It is an epic love story, western, adventure directed by Quentin Taratino about a slave who becomes a bounty hunter, earns his freedom and journeys across the country to rescue and reunite with his wife. I play his wife, Broomhilda.

If you had to choose, are you more Crystal or more Alexis from Dynasty?
KW: I’m gonna say Dominique Deveraux. I just LOVE Diahann Carroll! And she plays my grandmother in the upcoming We the Peeples.

What actors/actress were your idols growing up?
KW: Julie Andrews was my absolute favorite!

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