STEM Grants Program Provides $150,000 for Classroom Projects via

January 14, 2013

Last year, more than one million Facebook fans helped DIRECTV grant $150,000 to through two special campaigns to fund more than 300 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classroom projects in public schools across all 50 states. Through these campaigns, educators received the materials they needed to teach innovative and effective lessons, and students benefited from an enhanced learning experience.


These campaigns were conducted via DIRECTV’s Facebook page in April and October 2012. For the first campaign, fans helped select both the grade levels (K-12) and subjects (Math and Science) to which $50,000 in funding would be directed. In the second campaign, DIRECTV donated $1 every time a fan shared one of our STEM-related images, for a total of $100,000.

Teacher feedback from these campaigns has been positive. An elementary school teacher in Livermore, California, said, “Thank you so much for your generous donation of a cordless stereo microscope! It is so important to have quality, working equipment to actually view the tiny organisms and other specimens that students are required to learn about in science. Students have viewed a variety of microscopic decomposers, and other organisms from our worm bin, through this stereo microscope. They have also been excited to compare a variety of sand and mineral samples up close.”

A high school teacher in Asheville, North Carolina, said, “Thank you for your generous gift to my students and their development as critical thinkers. As we use the materials provided through your gift, students will be challenged to exercise mathematical and scientific ways of thinking as they seek to resolve a crime scenario.” is an online charity that pioneered “citizen philanthropy” through its website, where U.S. public school teachers post classroom project requests to which individuals can donate directly. The organization makes it easy for anyone to help students in need by giving any amount to the projects that inspire them. DIRECTV contributed more than $230,000 to in 2011 and 2012, and plans to continue the partnership in 2013 with another STEM Grants campaign and additional initiatives to fund critical classroom projects.

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