Archer Season 4 Premieres Tonight on FX

January 17, 2013

Archer and Lana in the Season 4 premiere. Photo credit: FX

Ever wondered what James Bond would be like if he went rogue? From the brilliant mind of Adam Reed (Adult Swim) comes Archer, the hit animated series on FX. Its fourth season kicks off tonight with a fresh batch of original episodes filled with more extreme adventures led by the foul-mouthed superspy Sterling Archer and his global espionage team, as they take on dangerous undercover missions while relishing every opportunity to stab each other in the back.

This season, we’ll find Archer relaxing at a spa for a weekend in an attempt to get over a bout of amnesia. As well, an old friend (voiced by Timothy Olyphant) visits and they will struggle to survive in the Vermont wilderness. Meanwhile, the suave master spy will continue to lead covert operations for the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), while managing his domineering mother and boss “Malory Archer” (Jessica Walter), ex-girlfriend “Lana Kane” (Aisha Tyler), and other psychotic ISIS colleagues including the comptroller turned agent “Cyril Figgis” (Chris Parnell) and Malory’s secretary “Cheryl Tunt” (Judy Greer). We can expect a hilarious season full of more raunchy dialogue, wild situations, and colorful catchphrases.

Catch the brand new season of Archer on Thursday, January 17 on FX.

Here’s are some clips of the Archer Media Tour to whet your appetite for season 4.



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