Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013

February 4, 2013

Maybe you heard there was a pretty big game on last night. You might have caught some of it in between all the commercials. From Kate Upton & her Mercedes to the Pepsi Next house party, there were ads that made you laugh, and some that made you cringe. This year, the cost of a 30-sec spot reached a record $4 million. That’s a $500,000 bump up from last year and averages out to $133,000 a second! Here are some of our favorites from last night.

1. Volkswagen: “Get in. Get happy” 2. NFL Network: “Leon Sandcastle”
Meet Dave and his newfound sunny disposition. “Leon Sandcastle” is the next big NFL star.
3. Mercedes Benz: “Soul” 4. Audi: “Prom”
Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe help unveil the all-new Mercedes CLA-Class. An unhappy teenager going to the Senior Prom alone gains some confidence with the new Audi S6.
5. Budweiser: The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood” 6. Toyota: “Wish Granted”
See Budweiser’s 2013 Super Bowl ad featuring our famous Clydesdales horses — and their newest foal. Kaley Cuoco isn’t your average genie. She’s modern, smart and stylish.
7. Pepsi Next: “Party” 8. Tide: “Miracle Stain”
We see parents coming home to find their house filled with foam and hundreds of people dancing. What do you do when an NFL great miraculously graces the world with his presence on the front of your jersey?
9. M&M’s: “Love Ballad” 10. Speed Stick: “Unattended Laundry”
Red sings a love song to a girl who clearly wants more than just love. You needed the machine. You got caught panty-handed.
11. Taco Bell: “Viva Young” 12. Hyundai Santa Fe: “Team”
Bernie Goldblatt and his old school amigos from The Glencobrooke Retirement Home “Live Mas”. It’s time to round up the team with the new 7-passenger Santa Fe from Hyundai.
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