Q&A with Sara Rue on her New Movie Dorfman in Love

March 18, 2013

Sara Rue stars in Dorfman in Love

Sara Rue plays Deb Dorfman, a young and single ingénue who moves to her unrequited love’s downtown Los Angeles loft as a caretaker. Her new living quarters are as messy as her personal life, but when she meets a man who is willing to see her for what she really is, everything changes forever.

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What drew you to Dorfman in Love?
Sara Rue: I loved the character of Deb. I related to her… I think every woman has felt like Deb at one point in her life. Unheard and unappreciated with an intense desire to change.

How did you prepare for the role?
SR: I related to Deb so intensely that not a whole lot of prep was required. She was already in me.

What was it like to work with Elliott Gould?
SR: I love Elliot. He was (as his character would say) a total mensch. I have always been a fan of his work so to get to hang out with him on a daily basis was a trip!

What was your favorite scene to shoot in the film? And why?
SR: I loved the scene on the bench with Elliott toward the end of the movie… It just felt great, as an actor, to finally let Deb break down. Her walls come down in that scene. Also it was really nice to just connect with Elliott in that moment.

Just as Deb is able to find herself, was there a moment or situation in your life that led to your own self-discovery?
SR: Much like Deb, I’m still a work in progress but having my daughter has given me so much insight into who I really am. You are no longer allowed to be selfish. Your life becomes secondary to another person. You find out who you are based on how much you are able to give to your child.

How would you describe the dynamic of shooting an indie film?
SR: Hard, but so rewarding!!

What kind of roles do you enjoy playing most?
SR: I love a challenge as an actor so, anything new that I have never done before. Anything that allows me to stretch and grow and take risks. It terrifies me but it is good to walk without a tightrope as a performer…

If you had a chance to work on any TV show, what would it be and why?
SR: I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones. I have never done a “fantasy/period piece” and I would love to!!

If you had to pick a medium to focus on for the rest of your life, what would it be: TV, film, or theatre?
SR: My heart really lies in the theatre but I love things about all three! I can’t choose!

What’s your favorite romantic comedy?
SR: That’s easy… When Harry Met Sally — hands down.

What actor would you love to work with in the future and why?
SR: I would love to work with Hugh Jackman. What a brilliant performer and he just seems like a total gentleman and a true collaborator.

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