Exclusive Interview with Buster Posey – Part 1

March 26, 2013

We caught up with two-time World Series champion and reigning National League MVP Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants on the set of the 2013 DIRECTV MLB EXTRA INNINGS photo shoot. Come back Thursday for part two of the interview plus behind the scenes photos!

Buster, how’s your off-season going?
It’s been good so far, been pretty low key. Went up to New York City with my family to accept the NL MVP award. Other than that, I’ve just been relaxing and spending a ton of time with my family.

You have won 2 titles, MVP, Rookie of Year, All Star, Silver Slugger, Hank Aaron Award, batting champ…and you’re only 25! What else are you looking forward to accomplishing in baseball?
I’ve been fortunate to play for some great teams and surrounded by some great players over the past few years. The exciting thing about baseball is that every year you start off on a blank slate working towards the one common goal. You really have to take the season in chunks; you’re definitely going to have your ups and downs. For me, I’m always looking forward to the competition every year, being injured for most of the 2011 season, I missed that along with spending time with the guys and other small things you don’t usually think of when you’re playing.

What pitcher from the past you think would be tough to go up against?
I would say that Randy Johnson would be a tough pitcher to face. He’s so tall and lanky which made him so dominant. I actually got a chance to catch him when I got called up in 2009, I remember going out to the mound to talk to him and it being surreal standing next to him with him being about a foot taller than me. If I had to pick a pitcher from the past, he would be the one that would be the toughest to face.

Your full name is Gerald Dempsey Posey III. Where did the nickname “Buster” come from?
I’ve been called Buster since the day I was born. The story that I’ve been told is that my dad was called Buster by his grandmother. When I was born, that’s what my family decided to call me. Anyone call you Gerald around the clubhouse? Yeah, you have a few wise guys that call me Gerald. Ryan Vogelsong seems to enjoy calling me Gerald a lot, he says it in a voice that actually makes it funny.

We heard you’re pretty good at golf. What’s your handicap? Any favorite courses?
I think I’m okay. I haven’t had that much time to play during the off-season being a new dad. Throughout the season, I rarely get a chance to play due to our schedules. But, as for favorite course, I had a chance to play in Augusta in 2011. Being a fan of golf and give the history of the that course, it was like walking into a dream when I played the course.

Come back Thursday for part two and exclusive behind the scenes photos!

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