The Critics Agree: Rogue Is No Ordinary Crime Drama

March 27, 2013

The new all-original DIRECTV series Rogue has hit the ground running with critical acclaim. Here’s what everyone’s saying about the thrilling crime drama.

“Raw, Bold, Slick in your face crime drama puts your face right in the gun barrel. DIRECTV scores a direct hit!”
— Tony Lankford, The Actor’s Lounge

“INTENSE…full of SUSPENSE…and not your “average” crime-syndicate show. Rogue is the updated version of The Sopranos…and goes where that show couldn’t.”
— Dave Morales, KRIV-TV, KRBE-FM,

“Quality television! Exciting, edgy, first class entertainment!”
— Laurie Coker,, The Hill Country News and

Rogue is a taut and tense emotional ride of a thriller. It should not be missed!”
— Mark Saldana,

“An action packed television thriller that feels like a ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’. Intense characters that don’t hold back. Finally a mob family with the complexities of The Sopranos.
— Mac Hernandez, NightcapTV on CW In Dallas

“A well-written cop-show which shows both sides of the issue of light and dark, good and bad, and the multitude of gray areas in-between.”
— John ‘Doc’ Strange, Selig Film News

“A brutal portrayal of a mother’s thirst for revenge, regardless of the consequences.”
— Gwen Reyes,

“Film-like quality with extremely bold scripts and characters that have latitude to shock, amaze and change with each episode. The Lazlo Crime Family is the 21st version of the Borgia family.”
— Gadi Elkon,

“WOW, I was not expecting to get sucked into Rogue so quickly. It was intense and sexy and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can’t wait for more!”
— Lisa Ciaccio,

“Dark, sexy and intriguing. As the show continues you find out more about these characters and their lives that continue to pull you in.”
— Sherita Ben,

“It was riveting and addictive and now I’m hooked. A first rate production with an awesome cast. I kept thinking that television has raised the bar. Excellent.”
— Karen Johnson,

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