Rogue Episode 3 Recap: Cathy’s Song

April 11, 2013

Our insider, Ira Parker, brings you a detailed recap of every new episode plus extra background info only someone in the Rogue writer’s room would know!

Week three, and the writers had no problem coming up with Jimmy storylines because he has to deal with so many issues on his quest, but what about Grace? When she’s not with Jimmy, she goes to Mitch. There’s also Tom/Evie to deal with, but Grace already knows everything about them. It became very important for Grace to begin branching out. Wilson opens up an interesting avenue in this respect. They have a long history together as handler and undercover agent, and their relationship is very dark. Wilson is able to blackmail Grace in the pilot because he knows what she’s up to. In 103, Grace flips this and ambushes Wilson at his weekly rendezvous with Kim. She makes it very clear in this episode that she’s willing to go to any lengths to find her son’s killer, even at the expense of her remaining family – Grace desperately wants them to be the answer, but they’re not. This culminates with a blow up between her and Tom. Both sides are tired of fighting the same battles and have finally come to an impasse. It’s a very impactful moment for Grace, because this is the first time that Tom walks away from the relationship – there’s a shift in power, and Grace is near her breaking point.

Episode 103

Grace watches the aftermath of the firebombing at the Bamboo Pearl. A charred body is removed from the wreckage, as a grieving Chinese mother cries out for her lost loved-one. Disturbed by the scene, Grace calls Evie. She needs to hear her daughter’s voice. Evie has no interest in talking to her mother and cuts the conversation short, leaving Grace feeling alone.

Hernandez updates the Police Department on Fleming’s condition – he inhaled a lot of smoke, but should be fine, he’s a tough cop. Deputy Chief Campbell wants to find the bastards that are responsible and nail them. Hernandez thinks the firebombing at the Bamboo Pearl might be payback by Laszlo’s crew for Tony Aldon’s murder. Wilson suspects that Alec may have moved without his father’s permission. Campbell orders Hernandez and her team to come down hard on the Laszlo’s.

Jimmy goes to see Alec at his house. He’s furious that his son disobeyed him. Alec defends his actions – claims that he was trying to protect the family. Jimmy informs his son that the Lee brothers had nothing to do with Tony’s death or the hit on himself, and that there were cops in the building. Alec has once again gotten them into deep shit. Jimmy is tired of cleaning up his son’s mistakes. Cathy is listening in on the conversation as Jimmy rips her husband a new one.

Grace is waiting for Jimmy at his office on the docks. She follows him into a container where they have a private conversation. Grace berates Jimmy for acting so stupidly – there were cops in the building and one is in the hospital now. The police are going to come down hard on Jimmy and his crew. Grace proposes a plan. She wants Jimmy to pre-empt an investigation, walk into Oakland PD and offer his full cooperation. It’ll put them on the defensive. Jimmy wants to be sure that they don’t have anything on him first, so he sends Grace in to check it out.

As Jimmy and Grace are leaving the container, Charlie spots them – he’s collecting all the phones and needs Grace’s. Jimmy gives her an approving nod and she hands it over to Charlie who swaps it for another burner. Grace knows that there could be evidence on those phones linking to Jimmy’s traitor or Sam’s killer and wants to have a look. Jimmy refuses. There’s no way he’s handing over his crew’s cell phones to a cop.

Cathy finds her husband alone and wallowing. He’s just been emasculated by his father and is feeling low. She goads him on – doesn’t think that he should take that crap from Jimmy. She smacks him. He grabs her aggressively and they start having sex. She wants to screw the man back into him and it seems to work. Post-coital, Cathy tells Alec that he needs to tie up the loose ends. Hector and Lee (the firebombers) need to get out of town.

Alec visits Hector and Lee – they’ve been holed up in a container, awaiting instructions. He brings them some provisions and reassures the pair that they’ll be taken care of.

Grace surprises Wilson at the seedy motel he uses for his encounters with his prostitute, Kim. He ran Grace for sixteen-months, so she knows his routine pretty well. Now that Hernandez put him on probation, Grace has Wilson backed into a corner. He doesn’t want it to get out that he’s been sleeping with his CI, so Grace blackmails him for information on the firebombing – she wants to know what the cops have on Jimmy.

Grace reports back. Tells Jimmy that the cops don’t have anything on him. He’s all clear. Grace watches as Jimmy gets into his car and heads to the police station. She uses this opportunity to break into his office and look for the confiscated phones. She picks the lock on his desk drawer, grabs the phones and sticks them in her bag, just as Charlie shows up. He wants to know what she’s doing in Jimmy’s office. Without missing a beat, Grace tells him that she’s dropping off a manifest that he asked for. She quickly leaves, as Charlie stares her down.

To Hernandez’s surprise, Jimmy shows up at the Oakland PD. She invites him to have a conversation.

Grace goes to see Mitch. She wants him to run the phones – pull off any information he can. He refuses. There’s no way he’s going near those phones without a warrant. Mitch tells Grace to back off. She’s getting in too deep. Grace explodes on Mitch and uses Sam’s death to guilt trip him. Mitch tells Grace that Hernandez got flagged when he was looking into Jimmy Laszlo a few days ago. Grace is furious that he’s just letting her know now. A cop gave her up for dead and Hernandez could be in on it. Grace goes to leave, but Mitch grabs the phones from her. He’ll do what he can.

Campbell and some other cops watch from the observation room as Hernandez interrogates Jimmy. Jimmy has nothing to hide and will answer all questions without a lawyer. What happened the other night at the Bamboo Pearl was very serious, and Jimmy offers his regret that an officer was harmed in the process – it was a despicable and cowardly act and he wants to help any way he can. Jimmy recognizes the issues his family has with the Lee brothers, but reiterates that no one wants a war. Hernandez questions him about Alec’s whereabouts during the firebombing, but Jimmy assures her that he was at his house for a party. She presses him further about the state of his crew – they’ve been under fire for the past few weeks and she suggests that maybe they were looking to get a little payback for Tony Aldon. Jimmy assures her that he’s putting his faith in the Oakland PD to solve Tony’s murder. Campbell is pissed off – Jimmy is making them look foolish. He gives the order to raid Jimmy’s offices.

The police raid the docks, but they don’t find anything. Grace has already removed the phones and the rest of the place is clean.

Jimmy returns to his office, post-raid. Charlie tells Jimmy that it was a smart move to clear out the phones before the cops came. Jimmy realizes that he’s been had by Grace. He calls her. Furious. He wants his phones back.

Panicked, Grace calls Mitch – she needs to know if he’s pulled anything from the phones yet. He assures her that he’s handling it. Mitch proceeds to blackmail a rep at the phone company who he arrested years ago when working vice.

Jimmy tries to do some damage control. He makes it very clear to his crew that they don’t want this situation with the Lee brothers to spiral out of control. No one makes a move without his say. Max offers to sit down with the Chinese and mediate a truce between the families. He’s been away for a year and doesn’t carry any baggage with them. Jimmy’s reluctant, but agrees. They need to contain this situation, fast.

Mitch tiredly scrubs through phone data. Grace calls again – looking for info. He still doesn’t have anything for her.

Grace makes lasagna at home – she’s trying to make up for abandoning her dinner plans with Evie the other night. Evie is not impressed by the gesture, “I had lasagna for lunch,” she says. A kidney punch to Grace and Evie knows it. Evie heads upstairs. Grace is destroyed.

Max comes out of the meeting with the Chinese. They want 750,000 dollars or blood. Jimmy doesn’t have the money to pay them. So it’s blood.

Grace and Tom have it out. Tom wants to save the family and he thinks Grace is trying to kill it. She believes that the only way for them to be a family again is if she finds Sam’s killer. Tom is tired of fighting with her. He finally realizes that Grace is never going to change. They’re at an impasse.

Alec goes to check on Hector and Lee. He’s getting them out of there and sending them to Mexico. The young boys are pleased.

Grace goes to see Mitch at his apartment. She’s brought lasagna. Mitch has been plotting cell phone locations on a map – but none of them show up near Sam’s school. Grace is devastated.

Alec shows up at the Chinese headquarters with two packages. He’s killed Hector and Lee and brought their heads. The debt is settled.

Early the next morning, after a long, unfruitful night, Mitch starts to notice a pattern on the map. They’ve got something.


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