Rogue Episode 5 Recap: Hawala

April 25, 2013

Our insider, Ira Parker, brings you a detailed recap of every new episode plus extra background info only someone in the Rogue writer’s room would know!

In episode 105, Jimmy’s and Grace’s storylines come together. Perhaps Jimmy’s missing money is tied with Sam’s death? This connection could ultimately lead to Michael Chen. But who is Michael Chen? And how do we get from Charlie to Chen?

Grace’s discovery of Chen couldn’t occur in an earlier episode. It can’t be something she overlooked. The chain of evidence, and Grace’s journey, must ultimately lead her to the discovery. And thus, we have the homemade bullets that led to Tony Aldon, Tony Aldon’s death that led to the phones, the phones that led to Charlie, so Charlie must lead to Michael Chen. The next clue would be concealed within Nancy’s medical bills. Charlie needs money, so the money must lead to Chen.

Episode 105

Pick up exactly where we left off. Grace and Jimmy find Charlie dead, from an apparent self-inflicted gun wound. But Grace doesn’t believe it was suicide – someone didn’t want Charlie talking and now she’s lost her only lead. Grace looks for clues, anything to connect Charlie to his accomplices. Jimmy finds Charlie’s safe with thousands of dollars of cash inside. Where did Charlie get all that money?

Jimmy breaks the news to Nancy. She’s devastated. Jimmy asks her if she’s noticed anything unusual, if anyone came to the house looking for Charlie. She can’t think of anything, only one call from a salesman asking to speak to the owner of the house. Nancy tells Jimmy to leave. She knows how this works, they were never there.

Back at the cover apartment, Jimmy and Grace review the contents of Charlie’s safe. In addition to the cash, they find lots of bills, but nothing that help’s their case. While plugging through the material, the pair find themselves strangely synchronized, like partners. Jimmy realizes that he doesn’t know anything about Grace. He asks her about her family – if she has any kids other than Sam. It appears as if they’re starting to trust each other more. Grace wants to run the bar codes on the cash from the safe. Jimmy let’s her. Grace questions Jimmy about Alec. His decision to firebomb the restaurant without Jimmy’s consent could have been a ploy to destabilize his father. Jimmy glares at her angrily. He doesn’t appreciate Grace talking about his son this way, so he leaves.

Jimmy tells Max about Charlie. Max is full of questions, but his father doesn’t have any answers. Jimmy thinks Charlie was involved with his stolen twenty-five million, but can’t be sure. Max again presses Jimmy about Grace. He doesn’t think they can trust her. She knows too much about the family business. Jimmy assures his son that she only knows what he wants her to know.

Jimmy asks Max if he’s found any leads from the Tony Aldon file. Max went to see a Chinese friend of his from business school, who translated the receipts. It turns out they were used in a hawala operation for moving money internationally.

Cathy helps Alec get ready for Charlie’s wake. Alec expects his father to give him Charlie’s business tonight. He’s nervous, but excited. This is his moment.

Alec makes a quick stop at the docks to deal with some business. Sensing weakness in the Laszlo crew, a former associate of Charlie’s wants to renegotiate their shipping arrangement. Alec makes it clear that business will continue as usual.

Jimmy and Max head to a laundry facility where the hawala operation is run. The agent recognizes their receipts – a man used them to send money out of the country, but he doesn’t know his name. Jimmy produces a picture of Tony Aldon and the agent confirms his identity. Tony transferred five million dollars over a period of several months out of the country. Jimmy gets angry. He wants his money back. The agent’s bodyguard steps in and shoves Jimmy away. Max picks up a stapler and begins to brutally wail on the man. Max and Jimmy high tail it out of there.

Evie’s teacher, Shelley, stops by the house. She’s not going to press charges against Evie, but the school won’t let her back unless she undergoes counseling. Tom is touched by Shelley’s concern for his daughter. Evie comes downstairs and apologizes to Shelley.

Grace goes to see Mitch at the diner. He’s having lunch with his son, Billy. Grace hasn’t seen the boy in a long time. Mitch tells her that Billy’s about to graduate. Grace is happy for them. She pulls Mitch aside and slips him the money from Charlie’s safe– she needs him to run the bills for her. Mitch is helpless to argue in front of his kid, and quickly agrees.

Jimmy’s crew can’t believe that Charlie killed himself. They’re worried. It feels like someone’s picking them off one-by-one. Alec informs the crew that he’ll be taking over Charlie’s business. It’s a promotion and they’re happy for him. Jimmy comes in and buys everyone a drink. They toast to Charlie’s memory.

Grace goes home to see Evie, but she’s staying at her grandmother’s house for the night. Grace finds a brochure for a school in Ferndale (two hours away). There’s a teaching position open and Tom is considering it. Grace is upset. Tom thinks the family needs a fresh start and that they need to get out of San Jose. Grace tries to get close to Tom, but he brushes her off. He can’t do this anymore.

Jimmy and the crew are drinking and reminiscing about Charlie. Max mentions, in front of the group, that he saw Alec and Charlie talking the other day and that they seemed pretty close. Jimmy stares at Alec, suspiciously, keeping in mind what Grace mentioned the other day. Later on, Jimmy pulls Alec aside and tells him that he is going to give Charlie’s business to Max. Alec is devastated.

Mitch informs Grace that the U.S. Treasury marked the money from Charlie’s safe. It was on loan out to an undercover federal agent named Michael Chen. Chen killed himself about four months ago after he was discovered to be a dirty cop. The name sounds very familiar. Grace remembers that she was supposed to meet with Michael Chen a while back, but he never showed. Then it hits her. Sam was waiting in the car that day. Grace realizes that there might be a connection between Chen and Charlie’s suicides. Mitch asks who set up the meeting. It was Wilson.

Grace questions Wilson about the meeting. It turns out that Hernandez wanted Wilson to meet Chen, but he pawned it off on Grace. Michael Chen was investigating some money laundering scams when he came across the name, “Jimmy Laszlo”.

Grace goes to see Michael Chen’s widow, but she doesn’t want to talk. Says the feds dragged her husband’s name through the mud. That he was setup. And there was no way he was dirty. Grace tries to plead her case, but the woman is not having it. She shuts the door in Grace’s face.

As Grace heads homes, a motorcycle pulls up next to her, firing on her vehicle and causing her to crash. Woozy and regaining consciousness, Grace spots the armed gunman coming back to finish her off. She pulls her weapon. A group of onlookers see the gun and cause a commotion. Her assailant has no choice but to flee the scene before the cops show up. Grace pulls herself out of the vehicle and hides in an alleyway, where she calls for help.

Meanwhile, Tom turns up at Shelley’s house. He’s lost and vulnerable. He kisses her.

Jimmy comes to Grace’s rescue and the pair take refuge in a nearby hotel. Grace calls Tom to make sure he’s okay. He says he’s fine, but is short with her and hangs up. We discover that Shelly is lying in bed next to him.

Grace checks herself out in the mirror. She’s been beat up pretty badly, but nothing’s broken. Jimmy sits her down and tends to her wounds. It’s surprisingly gentle. In that moment, they kiss. It’s more emotional than she was expecting. Grace loses herself. As the passion rises we cut to black.

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