Rogue Episode 7 Recap: Rumpus

May 9, 2013

Our insider, Ira Parker, brings you a detailed recap of every new episode plus extra background info only someone in the Rogue writer’s room would know!

What is the Knuffle Bunny? The Knuffle Bunny is a children’s book about a young girl who leaves her stuffed animal behind at a laundromat. Because she cannot talk, she can’t tell her father why she is so upset. “What is the Knuffle Bunny?” was the very first cue card tacked up on our corkboard in the writers’ room. It would become the centerpiece of our mystery – the one piece of evidence that Grace has overlooked, and the one thing that Sam could not bring himself to verbalize. Throughout our discussions in the writers’ room, over breakfast, over drinks, our Knuffle Bunny would prove more elusive than the Mo Williams original. In episode 7, Grace finally finds the piece of evidence she’s been looking for. It all started with the Dragon Brewery.

Episode 7

Max chases Grace down an alleyway, but he spots a couple walking nearby and is forced to abandon his pursuit. Max swaps out the chip in his cell phone and dials an unknown number. “We need to talk. Now.”

Max meets with his co-conspirator, Deputy Chief Campbell. Max wants to know why he was never informed that Jackie Hays is a cop. Campbell assures the boy that Grace Travis no longer carries a badge – her work with Jimmy is outside the scope of the police department. The nature of the pair’s relationship starts to become clear. Campbell turned his back on Jimmy after Michael Chen informed the Oakland Police Department that Tony Aldon was laundering his money. Campbell turned his allegiance to Max, who is now in procession of Jimmy’s money. Campbell orders Max to kill Grace before she fucks everything up.

Grace and Mitch discuss the recent revelation. Max didn’t seem to know who shot at Grace, leading them to believe that someone else is calling the shots. But Max is still the key to her whole case. She needs to tell Jimmy that Max is his traitor. Mitch preaches caution – there’s no telling how Jimmy will react when he hears the news.

Tom and Shelley make up a bed for Evie, who still doesn’t know about her father’s romantic dalliances with her teacher.

Grace goes to see Jimmy at the motel. She tries to tell him about Max, but he starts kissing her. Grateful for the relief, Grace goes with it.

Later on, Grace and Jimmy lie in bed. She starts to tell him about Max – that Max and Skinny knew each other and that Tony visited Max in jail several times. Jimmy is furious at her for even suggesting that Max had anything to do with this. He pulls a gun on her, but Grace is calm. She knows the truth. Jimmy storms out.

Max shows up at Alec’s house and tells his brother that Jackie Hays (Grace) is a cop. Alec can’t believe it. Max is worried about Jimmy. He thinks his father is losing it, and can’t control himself around Grace. Max informs Alec that Grace knows about Hector and Lee. If she goes to the police with that information, he’s likely to end up on death row for murder. Alec needs to take care of her, immediately. Cathy has overheard the entire conversation from the next room. She’s terrified for her husband and their family.

Alec goes to see Jimmy at his office. He tells him that Max came over last night and claimed Jackie Hays was an undercover cop. Alec is positive that Max is trying to set him up. Jimmy blows up on Alec, calling him a liar and accusing his son of being jealous of Max. Jimmy wants to know who else Alec has told about Jackie – that’s when Alec realizes that Max was telling the truth. Jackie is a cop and Jimmy knew about it. Alec feels betrayed. He can’t believe that his own father has put their entire family in jeopardy.

Tom tells Shelley that he applied for a teaching position in Ferndale, about 200 miles North of San Jose. Shelley is hurt. She wants to know if he had already made up his mind to leave before they slept together.

Grace calls Jimmy, but he won’t pick up his phone. Mitch pulls Max’s file. It’s completely clean except for his one arrest.

Jimmy meets with Max. He confronts his son about Tony’s visits to Santa Rita. Max claims that he was starting up a business on his own and needed Tony’s help. Max desperately tries to convince Jimmy that Grace is playing them against each other. But Jimmy isn’t buying it. Max finally has to come clean. He’s been moving against his father. Jimmy is heartbroken and he wants to know why. Max answers, “You’re a monster in a tailored suit. How did you think I’d turn out?”

Grace lets it slip to Mitch that she’s been sleeping with Jimmy. He reprimands her, but she doesn’t care. When she’s with Jimmy she doesn’t feel the pain of her normal life. Mitch receives a call from his contact at the FBI. Chen was running a money-laundering sting operation out of an office building on Hyde and Ellis. Grace realizes that’s where Chen tried to meet her five months ago.

Grace and Mitch check out the location. She finds a large advertisement for Dragon Brewery, with the same image of a dragon that Sam had been drawing repeatedly before he was killed. She realizes that whatever happened must have happened in this parking lot. Sam was waiting in the car. He must have seen something.

Grace goes home. Searching for a missed clue. She studies Sam’s drawings. They’re the child’s equivalent of the dragon on the advertisement board, except there’s no star on the neck. Trying to piece it together, Grace calls Tom to see if he remembers anything else unusual about Sam’s behavior before he was shot. He doesn’t. Grace asks him if he stayed at his mother’s house last night. Tom tells her that he stayed with Shelley.

Tom and Evie head home after soccer practice. Evie tells her dad that she’s worried no one will be around to take care of her if something happens to him. Tom tries to comfort his daughter, but it doesn’t help.

Max tells Campbell to revoke his parole. Mitch gets the alert and informs Grace that there’s a warrant out for Max’s arrest. Grace needs to get to him before the cops do, otherwise she’ll lose him for another year. Mitch tracks Max’s cell phone to the docks, but he’s worried that it might be a trap. Grace doesn’t care and goes anyway.

Max waits for Grace, staked out, with a sniper ready to fire on her vehicle. The sniper fires a barrage of bullets, causing her to crash. Max climbs down from his position to check the body, but Grace is gone. Grace sneaks up behind Max and ambushes him, breaking his leg with a crow bar. Grace marches him away from the docks at gunpoint. She wants to know why Max had Sam killed. Max is stunned. He can’t believe that’s what all this was about – some kid. He’s pissed. She ruined all of his plans. Grace demands an answer, but Max honestly doesn’t know anything. In a moment of hesitation, Max manages to turn the tables on Grace and knocks her unconscious inside one of the loading docks.

Looking to embarrass the woman who’s just screwed up his whole life, Max whips out his dick and start to urinate on Grace. She starts to wake up, mid piss, and uses the opportunity to punch Max in the groin. He drops to the ground. There’s a desperate struggle for the gun. It goes off, accidentally shooting Max through the brain. Max falls over, dead.

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