Rogue Episode 8 Recap: A House Is Not a Home

May 16, 2013

Our insider, Ira Parker, brings you a detailed recap of every new episode plus extra background info only someone in the Rogue writer’s room would know!

Once Jimmy discovers that Max is dead, the writer’s room was faced with the question of how we would bring Grace and Jimmy together one last time? What could possibly make Grace reach out to the mobster after killing his son the night before? Surely she understands the risk. And yet, she goes. But not to extract any more information, not in pursuit of her son’s killer – Grace goes to Jimmy to say goodbye. She’s not being dumb, she’s scared. She really has no idea what Jimmy knows, but this is a moment of transcendence for Grace. She’s not thinking about herself. Grace understands Jimmy’s grief, and she cares about him.

Episode 8

Grace sits in the shower, washing away the blood and the dirt, recounting the horrific events of the evening. After blowing a hole through Max’s head, she douses the body in gasoline and lights the pier on fire – destroying all the evidence in the blaze.

Jimmy sits in his backyard drinking. Distraught that his favorite son, Max, tried to kill him. He calls Grace. She ignores him. Instead Grace phones Tom and gets his voicemail – she just needs to hear his voice, it still helps her sleep.

Grace hears a knock at the door of her motel, it’s Jimmy. Grace reluctantly lets him in. Later on, the pair lay together in bed. Jimmy doesn’t know how he got it so wrong with Max. Grace tries to console him, while hiding her fear. She clearly cares for Jimmy, but the man has no idea that Grace just murdered his son.

The next morning, Jimmy gets a call from Joe. He needs to get down to the docks, immediately. Grace knows exactly what that call is about. Jimmy kisses her and leaves.

There’s a police bust at a whorehouse. Wilson is arrested. He identifies himself as a cop, but to no avail.

Police and fire department swarm the pier. The media is there as well. A charred body is discovered inside the wreckage. With Wilson detained, Fleming asks to be made lead detective on the case. Hernandez jokes that he’s as ambitious as she used to be. Fleming sees the corpse, and it brings back memories of the firebombing at the Bamboo Pearl –that could have been him. Hernandez decides to give the young detective a chance.

Jimmy arrives at the pier. Joe informs him that they’ve found a body – probably just some bum sleeping inside. Fleming questions Jimmy, the corpse was found on his property and they’ll need to interview his whole crew.

Jimmy calls his sons to make sure they’re all right – both calls go to voicemail. Jimmy calls Cathy, asks for Alec, but she says he’s not with her. Now Jimmy is starting to worry.

Wilson arrives at the docks. He’s pissed that Fleming has been made lead on the case.

Jimmy heads to the chess park where Max spends a lot of his time, but he hasn’t been around lately.

Grace is at the San Jose Police Department for her probation hearing, they have decided to fully reinstate her. She gets her badge back. Mitch is waiting to congratulate her.

Evie and Tom watch football practice at school. One of the players, Nathan, waves to Evie..Tom asks his daughter about it, but she assures him that they’re just friends. Tom tells Evie that he’s applied for a teaching job in Ferndale. He thinks they should go and that they need a fresh start. Evie wants to know what Grace thinks, but Tom hasn’t talked to her about it yet. They both need to be prepared for the possibility that Grace may not come.

Jimmy, worried about his sons, walks into the Oakland PD, looking for answers. He talks to Hernandez. Jimmy thinks he might be able to identify the body from the pier. She takes him down to the morgue. The body is burned beyond recognition. Hernandez shows Jimmy the items found on the corpse. He sees the Laszlo watch that belongs to one of his sons.

Jimmy goes to see Cathy. He needs to know where Alec is. Cathy tells him again that she doesn’t know where her husband went. He took off the night before, pissed at his father. Jimmy tells her that one of his sons is dead, but doesn’t know which one. Cathy breaks down.

Meanwhile, Alec is out in the forest, camping. He needed to get away from the city to clear his head.

The dental results come back at Oakland PD, confirming that the corpse belongs to Max Laszlo.

Alec goes to see his father after Cathy tells him what happened. Jimmy is stricken by the site of his eldest son. He now knows that Max died in the fire. Jimmy tells Alec to leave, thinking that Alec must have killed Max. Alec is distressed by his father’s reaction and takes off.

Grace goes to see Wilson. She tells him she’s been reinstated. She asks him if they have any leads on the Max Laszlo case. He informs her that the person of interest on the case is Alec – the last time anyone saw the brothers together, they had to be pulled apart. Grace asks to borrow his car. Wilson agrees, as long as she delivers Alec to him.

Back at the pier, a C.S.I. officer informs Fleming that they’ve found a weapon at the murder scene. They’re running it for prints.

Grace goes to see Jimmy. He’s devastated. Grace tells Jimmy not to seek revenge as she did – it will destroy him. She lost everything that mattered to her.

The prints come back on the weapon found at the pier. Hernandez puts out an APB for Grace Travis. They found her prints on the gun. Mitch calls Grace to ask her if it’s true.

Grace rushes off to see Evie, pulling her out of class. Grace takes her daughter to a nail salon for some mother/daughter time. Evie is thrilled. Grace listens to her daughter talking a mile a minute, realizing that there hasn’t been enough moments like this. Evie asks if she’s going to come to Ferndale with them. Grace doesn’t have an answer.

Jimmy meets with his mole in the police department, Campbell. He tells Jimmy that there’s a warrant out for Grace Travis. Her fingerprints were found on the weapon at the pier. Jimmy is floored.

Grace brings Evie home. Tom is pleased to see his girls getting along so well. Grace hears the sirens in the distance. She knows the police are coming for her. Grace tells Tom and Evie to go to Ferndale. Grace breaks down, “I’m so sorry.” The cops arrest Grace and drag her away in front of her family.

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