Rogue Episode 9 Recap: Chasing The Dragon

May 23, 2013

Our insider, Ira Parker, brings you a detailed recap of every new episode plus extra background info only someone in the Rogue writer’s room would know!

At the launch of the Rogue writer’s room, our head writer and show creator, Matthew Parkhill, outlined the overall Season One arch, as well as key moments for each of the ten episodes. Each episode took 4/5 days to break, with the exception of 9, which took nearly double that time. As you near the end of any murder mystery, all the individual threads must be woven together, added to the contained nature of this particular episode (Grace locked up in police custody), and 9 became an complicated undertaking. Most importantly, the writers recognized the need to keep the action dynamic, as three quarters of the episode takes place within the walls of the Oakland PD. Mitch and Wilson, our unlikely duo, became not only the comic relief, but provided both forward momentum on our case and a link to the outside world.

Episode 9

Fleming leads a handcuffed Grace down the corridors of the Oakland PD. She’s met by derisive and sympathetic stares from her fellow officers.

Jimmy, standing on his office balcony, looks down over his fallen empire. He’s filled with nothing but grief.

Grace is processed. A photographer snaps photos of her injuries, while cops sift through her personal items. Fleming removes a crumpled piece of paper from Grace’s jacket, where he finds Sam’s drawing of a dragon with the star on its neck.

Jimmy goes to see Alec to try and make peace, but his son is not interested. Alec blames Jimmy for Max’s death – he’s the one who let Grace into their business. Jimmy apologizes, but Alec knows his father’s true feelings – the wrong son died.

Mitch comes to visit Grace, pleading with Fleming for five minutes – he trained her, they’re friends. Fleming obliges. Mitch tells Grace to cooperate so that the cops don’t have a reason to crucify her. Grace knows she’s a goner – there’s still a mole in the department and they can kill her ten different ways before she gets to her arraignment. Grace advises Mitch to walk away while he can – to go be with his son. Mitch is still determined to smoke out the mole.

Campbell scolds Hernandez, instructing his Lieutenant to get a confession from Grace and wrap this matter up in a timely fashion. Hernandez requests that Internal Affairs be brought in immediately; Campbell says that he’ll handle it.

Tom and Evie push their way to the front of the reception desk looking for Grace. The officer instructs them to have a seat.

Grace speaks with her lawyer – they have her prints on a gun found at the crime scene, plus the obvious motive (Grace thought Max killed Sam). It’s not looking great. Her lawyer instructs her to confess and plead down to manslaughter.

Jimmy comes in to the police station, demanding to speak to the people in charge of the Max Laszlo murder case. Tom and Evie recognize Jimmy as the neighborhood watch man. When they inquire about his identity, the desk sergeant informs the pair that that was organized crime boss Jimmy Laszlo whose son Max was just murdered.

Mitch follows Wilson into the Property Room. He sees the detective steal a piece of evidence from a box marked “Max Laszlo”. Mitch follows him into Jimmy’s offices and confronts the man. Wilson is trying to find the mole in the department, just like Mitch – he’s stolen Max’s keys in order to have a look around.

Alec heads to the house he grew up in, finding a group of teenage gangbangers squatting in the basement. An argument ensues and one of the teenagers pulls a gun on Alec. Seemingly defeated, Alec leaves, only to grab a tire iron on his way out. He comes back and beats the shit out of the gangbangers.

Hernandez interviews Jimmy about his relationship with Grace. She was fixated on the death of her son, and became convinced that Max was responsible. He also insinuates that the pair was sleeping together.

Hernandez calls Internal Affairs, curious why no one has shown up yet, only to discover that nobody has called them.

Wilson and Mitch sift through Max’s belongings. They find letters from his time in prison – he was carrying on a chess game with someone on the outside.

Hernandez interviews Tom. She asks him if he knew his wife was sleeping with Jimmy Laszlo. Tom did not, but doesn’t crack. He refuses to give up his wife.

Fleming offers to let Grace visit with her family, but Tom has no interest in seeing Grace. He takes Evie and leaves the police station. Grace is heartbroken. Hernandez tries to press Grace for a confession, but she’s not budging. When the news of Jimmy and Grace’s sexual relationship comes out, the lawyer ends the interrogation immediately to talk to his client in private. Grace’s lawyer advises her to cooperate – they can’t put her on the stand now, in light of this new evidence. Grace demands a new lawyer.

Internal Affairs turns up to Campbell’s surprise, but Grace has just fired her lawyer, so they need to sit tight for a moment.

Jimmy calls a meeting back at the office, but only Joe and Lloyd show up. Jimmy orders a hit on Grace in prison. Lloyd has a person on the inside that can get to her.

Alec comes home, splattered in blood. Cathy is concerned. Alec tells her that he and his father are done. He’s taking over the business.

Mitch and Wilson follow up on their lead. They track a man named Rufus Zapata to a chess park and question him about Max. Rufus was there the day Max was arrested by the cops. He says the whole situation was very strange – Max marched up to an officer and cracked him in the head for no good reason. It almost seemed like the cop was letting Max beat the crap out of him.

Fleming takes Grace to general holding – he asks her about the dragon drawing, but she still has no idea what it means.

Inside general holding, Grace picks a fight with a tough looking Chola with red hair held back in braids with bobby pins. The conversation turns violent when the prisoners realize that Grace is a cop. A brawl ensues. Grace manages to rip the woman’s hair out, before she’s beaten unconscious.

Back at the police station, Mitch searches through archive files for Max’s original arrest report. He discovers that Fleming was the officer who Max beat up in the park. Fleming watches Mitch on a CCTV, as Campbell enters. Fleming directs Campbell to the object of Mitch’s attention.

Mitch heads to the address on Fleming’s file. He finds the cop’s grandmother living there. Mitch asks her about Max Laszlo – she reveals that the Laszlo family used to live across the street from them. Max and Fleming were childhood friends. Mitch calls Wilson with an update.

Alec calls a crew meeting in the container. Joe, Walt, Sean and Pinky, plus a group of new, younger faces join him. Alec makes a plea for their loyalty, claiming Jimmy cannot be trusted after knowingly bringing a cop into their business. Most of the crew seems convinced.

Grace is lying in a hospital bed, handcuffed. A uniformed cop sits at the door. Grace opens her hand, revealing a bobby pin that she ripped from the Chola’s head. She begins to pick the lock on the handcuffs. They click open. Footsteps approach the room. Fleming enters. Grace pretends to be sleeping. The cop approaches the bed, grabs some plastic tubing and pulls it tight around Grace’s throat. Her eyes shoot open as she struggles to breathe, face to face with Fleming. Grace panics, she scratches and claws, ripping open Fleming’s shirt revealing a FIVE-POINTED STAR – just like the one Sam was drawing on the dragon’s neck. Grace tries to scream, but can’t. She loses consciousness, staring into Fleming’s eyes and wondering – is this the man who killed my son?

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