Exclusive Interview with the Stars of Giuliana & Bill

July 16, 2013

Giuliana and Bill welcomed their newest edition to the family, Duke, last season with open arms and lots of happy tears. Now, they are back with another season and tackling the challenging, yet fulfilling, world of parenthood. Here’s what they had to say about being new parents and what we can expect from Season 6 of Giuliana & Bill airing Tuesdays 8pm ET/PT on The Style Network (Channel 235).

How have you been able to juggle family and career?

Giuliana: Returning to work after Duke was born was so much harder than I anticipated. I miss him so much when I am away, but Bill and I also know how important it is to teach him to have a strong work ethic and we really hope he can learn that by our example. I made a promise to myself that when I am at work, I focus on work, and when I am at home, I focus on being at home and turn the email off. Of course modern day technology like FaceTime and camera phone make it easier so I can see him when I am at work. There are millions of working mothers out there so I am just one of many other women in the same situation.

Bill: Giuliana and I both obviously want to be with the little guy 24/7, but we feel strongly about teaching him the importance of a strong work ethic and we are teaching him that by example.

What’s more important: You relationship to each other or to your baby?

G: Bill and I are the first relationship that Duke is going to see. We truly feel that we are teaching him by example and when he looks at us and sees a strong, loving couple it will only help him understand the importance of healthy relationships.

B: Children learn by example, not by sitting them down and telling them how they should behave. Giuliana and I are always working on our relationship- not only for ourselves, but also for the benefit of our son.

G: When I made those comments, I didn’t mean that we ignore Duke if he needs a bottle and Bill and I are trying to have some one-on-one time. Of course, Duke is our priority. I simply meant that by making our marriage our first priority, we will all benefit as a family.

Baby number 2 soon? yay or nay?

G and B: We love the idea of expanding our family, but for now we are just enjoying every moment with Duke.

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