Jake T. Austin Talks About His Role on The Fosters

August 2, 2013

We recently caught up with Jake T. Austin to talk about his role as Jesus Foster in the latest ABC Family hit show, The Fosters, about two lesbian moms raising a biological son, adopted twins, and two foster children.

How do you feel about the show being nominated for four Teen Choice Awards?

Jake T. Austin: The Fosters being nominated is an honor! We have an amazing cast and crew, and I’m so thankful to be a part of a show that audiences everywhere can enjoy. I’m looking forward to the 2013 Teen Choice Awards!

What makes The Fosters so special?

JTA: This series is so special because it relates to families and people all around the world. Family is defined by who you love, not necessarily who you are related to by blood.

Can you tell me about your favorite episode thus far and why it means so much to you?

JTA: My favorite episode thus far has been “Quincinera.” In the episode, Mariana faces the transition from girl to woman, turning 15 at her birthday/Quincinera cerebration, which is popular in Mexican culture. For me, it was an opportunity to embrace my Hispanic heritage while doing something I love.

What would you say is the biggest struggle for your character Jesus?

JTA: Jesus’s biggest struggle has been his relationship with Lexi. Learning the politics of love has been difficult for my character. Through his mistrials as the first season unfolds, Jesus is able to grow and develop a better sense of maturity.

How is it working with Jennifer Lopez [one of the show’s executive producers]?

JTA: Working with Jennifer Lopez has been amazing. She is a cultural icon! Having the opportunity to not only work alongside, but learn from someone as talented as Jennifer, has been and is such a blessing.

What message do you want teens to get out of this show?

JTA: The message I want teens to gather from the show is that family doesn’t always necessarily include those you’re related to by blood. Like I mentioned before, family is defined by who you love.

Don’t miss Jake and the rest of the talented cast on the season finale of The Fosters airing Monday, August 5 at 9pm ET/8pm PT on DirecTV channel 311.

Photo Credit: Nina Duncan

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