Candace Cameron Bure Talks Let It Snow, Christmas at the Camerons, and the (Fake?) Full House Reunion

November 27, 2013

Try to categorize Candace Cameron Bure. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Since her days playing D.J. Tanner on Full House, she’s been acting, writing, producing, inspirational-speaking and mom-ing, seemingly nonstop. Her latest project is a feel-good, family-friendly Hallmark Channel original movie called Let It Snow. It centers on Stephanie Beck (Cameron Bure), a businesswomen whose resolutely humbug view of the holidays is surprisingly shaken by one small town’s indelible Christmas spirit.

Your new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, Let It Snow, looks great— definitely something the whole family can enjoy together during the holidays. How did you become involved in the project?

Making Hallmark movies is on of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love them, and Christmas movies in particular really are my favorite. So when I was talking to Hallmark about doing another movie for them I said, “Please, I would really like to do another Christmas movie.” So they sent me the script for Let It Snow and it was perfect. I was really excited to do it. I had worked with the director before, and I worked with the producer a couple of times, so it was great, really fun and comfortable. It felt like a family experience because we all knew each other.

In the movie, your character Stephanie is a self-defined Grinch. In real life, how does Candace feel about Christmas? Does your family have any unique traditions?

I absolutely love Christmas. I’m already listening to Christmas music in the car 24/7 and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I enjoy every aspect of Christmas. My faith is incredibly important to me so it’s all about Jesus and the birth of our savior, but I love everything else: the commercialism of Christmas, that fact that it brings families together. And we love serving people, and giving them gifts and joy, and watching fun movies, and eating Christmas-y foods and everything—I just love this holiday.

We started a new tradition a few years ago and it’s fun for us but I don’t know if it fits under the “fun” category. We wake up really early in the morning and we cook breakfast at a shelter nearby that has maybe 40 or 50 people. We join a few other friends and family members, we bring in all the food and we cook for them and then we sit down and eat with all the people that are staying there and just listen to them and their stories and just encourage them. And so that really brings home, for us, what Christmas is all about. And after that we come home and we’ll open some gifts with the kids and then go to my brother’s house where all the extended family is. Then we sing Christmas carols for hours and we do a white elephant gift—that’s pretty much what our Christmas day looks like each year.

You share the screen with Alan Thicke, who plays your father. Interestingly, he played your brother Kirk’s father on Growing Pains for many years. What was it like working with him?

Alan’s great. Of course, I’ve known him since I was probably eight years old but I’ve never worked with him. So when I got the call from the producer who said, “Hey, we’re thinking of Alan to play your dad,” I was like, Oh, that would be fabulous. Alan was only [on set] for a couple of days. They shot his scenes pretty quickly but we had such a great time. And again, it was such a relaxed and comfortable environment because I’ve known him for so long. I told my brother beforehand and he was like, “OK, Alan’s just going to tell jokes all day long. He’s going to try to throw you so you’re not able to say your lines,” and I was like, OK, I’ll be prepared. But of course Alan was super professional and we caught up on old times. I used to hang out with his boys, Robin and Brennan, and my sisters on the set when we were kids, so just hearing how everyone is—of course we all know how Robin Thicke is because he’s a huge megastar now—it was fun.

Let It Snow filmed in some snowy locations. You’re a California girl—what’s it like for you to shoot in the snow? Shooting those ski scenes must have been interesting!

[My family] lived in Montreal for four years and Calgary for three years because my husband played professional hockey. He started with the Canadiens and then went to the Calgary Flames. And then we went to the States and he played for four different teams here. So yes, I’ve endured seven Canadian winters so I think I should have a badge of honor or something! It’s the driest cold I’ve ever felt. You know, when you open the door to let your dogs out and they won’t even step on the snow because it’s so cold their paws stick to it? Anyway, I’m totally used to the snow but I’m glad to be back in LA. When we got the call that we were traded from Calgary to Fort Lauderdale, I was screaming hallelujah. I got to throw away the tuque and the parka and the snow boots and I got to go barefoot.

When not working on one of your many creative projects, you seem to keep busy with philanthropic activities. What are you presently involved in?

This is ongoing, in that it’s a part of my life and when the need arises I can lend my voice or my time, my faith, an online presence, or whatever I can do. Butthere are three charities that I work with closely. They are Compassion International, and the National House of Hope. Philanthropy is incredibly important to me. It was modeled so well by my mom growing up. Our front door was pretty much a revolving door, and there were always people coming in and out who had needs—and my mom would just help. Children that were terminally ill or chronically ill that would want to meet me or my brother, they would always be at our house because my mom would go above and beyond what the studio would provide for the kids, [which was usually] a little meet and greet—my mom would turn it into “come spend the whole weekend with the Camerons.” So I grew up like this and it naturally flowed into what I wanted to continue doing and model for my own children. And then there are so many other organizations I work with that may not be as close to my heart but I’m always happy to lend my faith, my voice or my time.

When you are blessed with so much, it absolutely needs to be given back and there are so many ways in which we can do that’s not just in a monetary way.

How about the excitement caused by the recent rumors of a Full House reunion. Did that surprise you? Would you consider doing a reunion?

It’s all anyone’s been asking me about! It certainly was exciting. The funny thing is, that hoax article came out back in April and I saw it circulating then, but there was no traction on it whatsoever. My reaction was, Oh, ha ha, that’s funny. So when I saw it pop up again my Twitter feed blew up like it’s never blown up before, and I was like, what is going on right now? So when I read the article I was like, I’ve seen this before. This is an old article, and this isn’t true—this is a joke. But seeing the result when a few news feeds picked it up and thought that it was legitimate—it was exciting to see how much the fans responded to it and really are hoping that something like that happens.

Every time I’ve done interviews over so many years, everyone always asks me if there’s ever gong to be a reunion, and would I be up for it, and my answer is always yes. That certainly hasn’t changed. I don’t know what the buzz of this will do, if it will spark anything. But if it does I’m absolutely up for it.

Don’t miss the premiere of Let It Snow Saturday, November 30 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel. And be sure to check out Candace’s latest book, Balancing It All, when it hits bookshelves January 2014.

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