NBA Superstar Baron Davis on Style, Seacrest and His New Show, How I Rock It

December 3, 2013

If we could go back in time to ask a young Baron Davis what he wanted to be when he grew up, we suspect his response would be, “everything.” Today, the pro basketball player/entrepreneur/motivational speaker is certainly getting close. The host of an inspiring new show, How I Rock It on Esquire Network, Davis profiles like-minded athletes, musicians and other influencers to provide personal examples of creative passion, self-expression and style for today’s man.

You came into contact with some really awesome people while filming How I Rock It. Who stood out? Did any of these people have an influence on your personal style after you met them or did you influence any of them?

[Film director] 

Paul Feig really stood out to me. He has impeccable style and even wears a suit to work every day. Absolutely, you will be seeing me borrow style ideas from other trendsetters and style makers on the show and I hope that they were inspired by me as well.

If someone doesn’t know what their personal style is, but wants to figure it out, how would you recommend they go about it? Are there certain things they should do first? 

I would recommend looking internally and seeing what defines you. Style is about reflecting your own personal passions.

Who should be the first inductee into the Style Hall of Fame?

It is hard to choose one individual who really defines style. I find myself not only influenced by celebrities but often by underground artists and everyday influencers. I couldn’t say one person is more deserving of a title than anyone else, since each person is reflecting themselves in their own unique way.

What labels are your favorite, both on the high and on the low end?

To me, it isn’t about defining yourself through the brand or a price tag but expressing your style through your unique ways. A few of my favorites include J. Crew, Dolce & Gabbana, John Varvatos, Genetic Denim, Steven Alan, Mark McNairy, Jay Kos, Band of Outsiders, LnA, Apolis and Saturdays. Those are the first that come to mind but I’m sure I’m leaving many out as well.

Say I had a wildly important job interview tomorrow. What would be the best way for me to dress to stand out while keeping it classy?

Being sure your clothes define you as an individual. Also, I am a big fan of grooming. Being well groomed always makes a positive statement.

How I Rock It comes to us from Ryan Seacrest Productions. Have you given Ryan any fashion tips?

I think Ryan is a stylish man and owns it. He certainly does not need tips from me.

Be sure to catch How I Rock It, which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Esquire Network (channel 235).

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