“I get to play such an awesome mess.” Talking Pam Poovey with Archer’s Amber Nash

January 27, 2014

For four seasons, we’ve watched the secret agents of Archer take on foes such as the KGB, rival intelligence agencies and sobriety.  For the fifth season of the show, everything has been turned upside down, with the (former) agents of ISIS forming an international drug cartel!

Amber Nash plays Pam Poovey, Archer’s HR director turned field agent turned drug mule.

This season of Archer is a radical departure from the previous four seasons and it looks as if Pam goes through a pretty substantial physical transformation. Has she abandoned the bear claws, or is radical weight loss just part of being a member of an international drug cartel?

Pam will never abandon bear claws or any pastry for that matter. Pam just finds new and inventive ways of eating this season. This transformation for Pam is completely a side effect of being part of an international drug cartel and having a highly addictive personality. Not to worry, I’m sure Pam will get back to her fighting weight and her sexy chubs — she ain’t no slouch!

Pam Poovey is starting to become THE cult character on television.There is a ton of Pam cosplay going on and only like half of it is disturbing. Is it awesome to see “yourself” getting such attention?

I’m not gonna lie, just hearing this question made me giddy. THE, really? Ok I’ll take it! The disturbing Pam cosplay is my favorite kind of cosplay, especially dudes . It is super awesome to be getting attention for playing Pam. Lots of people say Pam is their spirit animal and I feel the same way. It’s pretty amazing that my first big gig is on a show that I would totally be a fan of even if I wasn’t on it, AND I get to play such an awesome mess. Everyone in the cast, Matt and Adam, all the Floyd County people and FX are the best coworkers a girl could ever dream of. Plus, I still get to live in Atlanta and perform onstage every weekend at my home Dad’s Garage Theatre. If that’s not a sploosh, I dunno what is.

Do people ask you to leave really strange messages on their answering machines in Pam¹s voice?

Yeah they do! I just recorded something last night for a friend’s coworker. The weirdest was a request for a video message from a guy that has autonomous sensory meridian response, a syndrome where listening to someone whisper makes your body tingle, at least that’s what he said, but it’s probably a weird sex thing. So I recorded a video where I whispered to him.

You are probably the only person in the world that hears “Can you sign my dolphin puppet?” on a regular basis. Is that weird? Also, can you sign my dolphin puppet?

I will sign your dolphin puppet as long as it’s not a weird sex thing

Archer is the most alcohol literate show in the history of television. Have you ever actually tried a Green Russian? What’s your drink of choice?

I have been offered many a Green Russian, especially at cons. I haven’t tried one yet, I’m scared. My drink of choice is a vodka soda. My favorite bar in Atlanta is right next door to my house. We even invited two of the bartenders to our wedding!

Archer airs Mondays at 10/9c on FX (Channel 248)

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