An Interview with DeRay Davis, Host of GSN’s Mind of a Man

January 29, 2014

What do men really think about dating, marriage and various other manly endeavors? GSN’s Mind of a Man brings together a group of famous and funny celebrities to provide their opinions as to what men are really thinking, while helping contestants win phenomenal prizes. Hosted by the amazing DeRay Davis, Mind of a Man is required viewing for men and women alike!

Between acting and standup, you’re on fire right now. What precipitated the move to hosting?

I love hosting because I get to be me all the time. It’s better than acting and stand up, because people are getting the real DeRay – they’re getting the “DeRAW,” not wrapped, no artificial flavorings – it’s just me.

The show is seriously funny, but it’s also an interesting psychology experiment. Do you think women, no matter how many episodes they watch, will ever really be able to know what’s going on within the mind of a man?

They would have to watch 10 millions episodes to find out what goes inside the mind of a man because we think about so many different things. I would just suggest that they keep watching and learning. It’s like being a doctor, you have to keep going to school to learn more. Whether it’s to educate yourself or to educate people – the research is never done.

If the tables were turned, how well would you be able to guess what’s inside the mind of a woman?

Guessing what goes on inside the mind of a woman? That the easy part. Shopping! You’d just take women to a mall and you won’t have to ask any questions because the only thing that they’ll be thinking about is purchasing!

Has there ever been a response on Mind of a Man that absolutely shocked you?

Absolutely! Not necessarily the contestant’s response, but mainly the answers from the 100 surveyed men. It shocks me every time an answer comes up that I didn’t agree with.

Mind of a Man airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on GSN (Channel 233)

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