What Can You Learn From a Serial Killer: The Following‘s Tiffany Boone Talks

March 10, 2014

Now in its second season, FOX’s The Following follows two FBI agents as they investigate a bizarre murder spree. Tiffany Boone plays Mandy Lang, a follower of serial killer Joe Carroll.

When you think about it, The Following is a pretty dark show about a serial killer and yet your character Mandy Lang is very likable (even after burning down her house and killing her mom!) How does Mandy come across to you?

I’ve always thought Mandy was very likable. Her innocence and naiveté can be very endearing. I think she is trying to find a place where she belongs. So, sometimes her decisions are morally questionable but she always has the best of intentions. She can also have that teenage sass which makes her a little fun.

Your character learns a lot from Joe Carroll, the serial killer on the show.  Have you learned anything from James Purefoy, the actor who brings Joe to life?

James has always been great about giving little advice and hints to making the most of scenes. In fact, in the episode where Mandy killed her mother, James gave me great tips about how to make the stabbing look and feel real… obviously, he has a lot of experience with that. He’s also kind of a human Google. He has the quirkiest facts and stories to share.

The Following has a pretty insane body count. At some point, do you just become immune to the bodies stacking up around you?

Yes, I’ve definitely become immune. At this point, it would be much more surprising if several people didn’t die in each episode. That would be the real shocker.

You are a prolific Tweeter (@tiffboone), and you really seem to like interacting with fans of the show. Have you managed to get any RTs from Beyonce yet?

I really enjoy talking to the fans on Twitter. It’s always fun to live tweet on Mondays. However, no RTs from Beyonce. I think she’s only tweeted about 5 times. It’s probably better because if she retweeted me, I might pass out.

How does it feel to have a Bacon number of one? I think that means you’ve officially made it in show business.

I don’t know if it means I made it but I feel pretty lucky to have a Bacon number of one. It’s an honor to work with Kevin and it’s something I would have never guessed I’d be doing right now. He recently followed me on Twitter and I kind of freaked out even though I’ve been working with him since August.

The Following airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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