Stevie Lynn Jones Talks Crisis, CrossFit Training and Her Love for the Windy City

March 21, 2014

Actress Stevie Lynn Jones has been getting a great deal of notice for her work in NBC’s latest hit, Crisis. In the drama, Jones plays the role of Beth Ann Gibson, the kidnapped daughter of one of Washington D.C.’s elite. Jones took a few minutes away from shooting to share her thoughts with DIRECTV about her experiences on the show, and offer some advice for Chicago-bound tourists.

The official synopsis for Crisis begins with “When a high school field trip goes horribly awry.” We’re already hooked, but tell us exactly how awry everything goes on this trip!

Well to begin with, the entire class gets kidnapped…but it’s not a normal class. Our class is full of children of Washington, D.C.’s elite, CEOs, international diplomats, even the president’s son. Then these powerful parents are manipulated to do horrible things to get their children back. To top it all off, the mastermind behind the kidnapping is always at least three steps ahead of the FBI. One crisis after another…

Crisis has a truly heavyweight cast, including Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney. What has it been like working with them?

I unfortunately don’t get to work with Gillian. I have spoken to her on several occasions and she is very sweet. Because Dermot plays my father I’m lucky to work with him a lot. Dermot is the scene partner every actor dreams of having. He gives so much to the other person in the scene it makes everything feel very natural. I had several emotional and serious scenes with him and couldn’t think of anyone better to do them with. Dermot also has an amazing sense of humor and could always make me laugh!

Tell us a bit about your character Beth Ann Gibson and why she’s so important to Crisis.

Beth Ann Gibson is the daughter of Francis Gibson, played by Dermot Mulroney, who is an ex-CIA analyst. When her father loses his job he falls apart and turns his back on his family. Because of this, she hates her father and wants nothing to do with him. She is also one of two scholarship kids in the school and doesn’t get along with any of the rich, elite children. Ian Martinez, played by Max Schneider, is the other scholarship kid and her only friend.

I think Beth Ann is a very relatable character. She is complex and is forced to put a harsh mask on to stay strong through the difficulties in her life. But she has a good heart and will do anything for those she loves.
Reading your bio, you have an amazing athletic background. Were you able to get proper gym time in during the Crisis shoot?

I am indeed able to get proper gym time in during shooting. It is a very large ensemble cast so I don’t have to work every day. I make sure to get plenty of time in for my workouts. I recently tried out CrossFit, which is very fun!

Crisis was shot in Chicago. Did you have any opportunity to take in the sights? It’s an awesome city.

I think Chicago is the most beautiful city I have ever been to. The architecture is spectacular. During the summer I would ride my bike and walk everywhere while taking in the pretty buildings. The architectural boat tour was a highlight for sure. Anyone who goes to Chicago during warm weather should take one of those tours. It’s totally worth it!

Crisis airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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