Suits‘ Sarah Rafferty Talks Slow Burns, #Suitors, and Virtual Proposals

March 26, 2014

For three seasons, USA’s Suits has been one of the most acclaimed dramas on television. The series follows a fictional New York law firm’s daily machinations, which include healthy doses of secrets and backstabbing. Sarah Rafferty plays Donna Paulsen, an executive assistant with one of the top minds at the firm.

When we told our friends that we were doing this interview, they were all incredibly excited. Suits has an extremely passionate and loyal following. After three seasons, are you used to all of the fandom yet?

Frankly, I am continually surprised and delighted and sorta gobsmacked. We recently finished the Suits college tour. I visited Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, and Columbia. There is no “getting used to” that kind of amazing enthusiasm. I actually photographed and videoed the students not only to share on Instagram, but to confirm that we weren’t actually dreaming. I know we are all incredibly grateful for our Suitors!

We haven’t even finished season three of the show, and fans are already speculating about the plans for season four. Have the powers that be given you any hints as to what is come for Donna in the future?

It’s all remained pretty hush-hush actually. But I have heard that Donna remains a passionate thespian into season four.

Do you think that Donna and Harvey should ultimately end up together, or is their current setup the ideal one for both of them? The Suits superfans on the Internet all think it’s a done deal.

I read an article where Donna and Harvey’s relationship was referred to as “the slowest of slow burns.” I think that’s a pretty fabulous dynamic.

Speaking of Donna and Harvey, you’ve been friends with Gabriel Macht for nearly half of your life. Can you share any awesome and/or embarrassing stories about him?

I have too many awesome stories to share here. He is simply the loveliest most loyal friend. Bet you didn’t know he has a fabulous high arch, an extraordinary ballerina point, and his high kick can rival that of any Rockette.

You’re a very active Tweeter (@sarahgrafferty). What have been some of your favorite interactions with the #Suitors?

It’s especially fun to lord the marriage proposals over my husband.

New episodes of Suits air Thursdays at 9/8c on USA (Channel 242).

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