“I’m lucky to make a living out of my passion.” Lacey Chabert speaks about The Color of Rain

May 22, 2014

Lacey Chabert has been a part of the entertainment industry for her entire life. From the classic television series Party of Five to the legendary film Mean Girls, Chabert is one of the most recognizable young actors in Hollywood. Her next project is The Color of Rain, a Hallmark Movie Channel original about a widow learning to cope with the pain of the loss of her husband.

Most of us first got to know you as youngest child Claudia on Party of Five. Now you’re grown up and taking on adult roles like Gina in The Color of Rain. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your 20+ years in the business?

I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve learned to value every experience and learn from it. Maybe one of the most important things I’ve learned though is to not take it all so seriously! I’m lucky to make a living out of my passion.

Your character Gina in The Color of Rain loses her husband to cancer. Since you recently got married, were you able to channel your own real life emotions into your performance?

There’s definitely a great responsibility when you play a character who is real. I wanted Gina to be proud of the way I portrayed her in the story, so having her support meant a lot to me.

In their book, The Color Of Rain, both Michael and Gina go into great depth about the process of losing their spouses. That insight certainly helped. I’m so touched by what an incredibly loving family they are.

The Color of Rain is based on a true story, and we saw pictures of you with the real-life Michael and Gina on Facebook. How much input did you get from Gina with regards to playing the role?

Reading the book was a great education, and I was lucky to speak with her on the phone before filming. The entire family came to Vancouver and spent a great deal of time with us on set. It was so nice to have them there!

You’ve actually done a lot of voice acting in your career, with many of your roles being superheroes. Are you a closet superhero geek? You can admit it.

Haha! I might be a little bit of a superhero geek. ;) I absolutely love doing voiceover work. Right now I’m on Transformers: Rescue Bots on The Hub. We have a blast at those recordings.

Will you please let us know what’s going on with the oft-rumored Mean Girls reunion? It seems like every week there’s another hint at a new movie or special.

I don’t think a reunion is happening unfortunately. It would be really nice to catch up with everyone. So hard to believe it’s been 10 years!

Playing Gretchen Wieners was definitely a memorable experience. I’m so happy to have been a part of the film.

The Color of Rain premieres Saturday, May 31 at 9/8c on Hallmark Movie Channel (Ch. 565).

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