“I truly believe that forgetting is a survival tool.” Unforgettable‘s Dylan Walsh Talks Season 3

June 23, 2014

CBS’s Unforgettable is one of the most unique dramas on television. Now entering its third season, the series focuses on an NYPD detective (played by Poppy Montgomery) with hyperthymesia, a condition that gives her perfect recall of every moment in her life. Series star Dylan Walsh spoke with DIRECTV about the upcoming season, secret tunnels beneath New York City, and the one odd question he’s regularly asked.

Unforgettable is about a detective that has hyperthymesia, a near perfect sense of recall. What’s the one thing you always forget?

Well, I have five kids—18, 16, 10, 2 1/2, and 17 months—and I do remember their birthdays but I seem to always forget their schedules and classes. It’s nearly impossible to remember it all.

Is hyperthymesia something that you’d like to have? It seems to be both incredibly useful and incredibly tiring.

It is something I would not like to have. I truly believe that forgetting is a survival tool. There are so many things in life you just need to let go of, and if I couldn’t it would be such a burden.

You’ve got incredible on-screen chemistry with your Unforgettable co-star Poppy Montgomery. Please tell us that you get on well when the cameras are off.

I’ll never forget meeting Poppy for the first time at a read-through for the pilot. In the show we are ex-lovers and supposed to know everything about each other, and here we are strangers shaking hands and we both started laughing. Three seasons later we are still laughing about being partners in crime. We both work really hard for the show and we are glad the chemistry comes across to the viewers.

You had a regular role on Kate & Allie, and now you get to work with Jane Curtin again on Unforgettable. Do you have any stories about working with this comedy legend?

There was a secret tunnel from the Ed Sullivan theater to a bar. Jackie Gleason used to take the tunnel during intermission of The Honeymooners, and the cast of Kate & Allie would take the tunnel after every show. I was honored to be invited and I think Jane is one of the all-time pros.

You had a great run on the show Nip/Tuck. Do fans ever ask you to guess if they’ve had work done?

I’m not really asked that exact question but strangely I get asked by men if I would perform a boob job on their wives, and of course I have to answer “No, they are beautiful just the way are naturally.” I have performed so many fake boob job surgeries on Nip/Tuck I could possibly fake my way through a real one though.

Season three of Unforgettable premieres Sunday, June 29 at 10/9c on CBS.

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