Andie MacDowell Talks Season Two of Cedar Cove

August 22, 2014

Cedar Cove tells the story of Olivia Lockhart, a judge in an idyllic coastal town of Washington. It’s Hallmark Channel’s first-ever original, scripted series and it’s now in its second season. Series star Andie MacDowell spoke with DIRECTV about season two, her favorite costars and what it’s like to film in the great white north.

How excited are you for the fans to see season 2?

We love our fans. I meet people all the time who tell me how much they love the show, my hope is that we keep our fans that are already enjoying Cedar Cove and we bring new people this season.

What is it like filming in Canada? It is so beautiful!

Canada is gorgeous and it looks very much like the town that Debbie Macomber is from so it is a great choice for Cedar Cove. Our locations are stunning, I particularly love a new location we have for the exterior of Olivia’s house in Deep Cove. We are doing some of the interior shots on a set this year which help with our sound and makes it easier to get through our day but we have not lost our great exterior shooting and the new location is the prettiest yet. So tune in and see!

What can we expect for Olivia in season 2?

Sue Tenney, our new show runner, is a true pro, with years of work in the business on show like 7th Heaven and she has a great style. I love what she has done with the development of the character Warren Saget played by Brennan Elliott, it is intense! You will see Eric, Jack’s son played by Tom Stevens get tangled up in something that may not be good.  Then Jack and I start to have our relationship challenged and Dylan Neal has a wonderful sensitive season. Then there is Grace who is played by Teryl Rothery and we have the lovely fun friendship between Grace and Olivia again this season. Grace has romance and life struggles and I am by her side to help her deal with them. Justine my beautiful daughter played by Sarah Smyth has love interest as well and she gets involved helping a young man who has big life struggles. Bob and Peggy played by Bruce Boxleitner and Barbara Niven have an intriguing twist in their lives too. We have new young cast members that are also bringing delightful spice to Cedar Cove this season!

Do you enjoy life on set? How is it filming with the great ensemble cast?

My job is my creative outlet and I love being part of a team. I love seeing what Sue does with everyone and I enjoy seeing the colors that everyone brings to Cedar Cove. I always enjoy working with actors that are starting out they are full of fresh energy and you can feel their excitement. I feel blessed to work with all of the seasoned actors on the show as well.

You have starred in so many beloved films. Do you have a personal favorite of your many movies?

Groundhog Day is one of my personal favorites because it is entertaining, fun, a pleasure to watch and at the same time it has a profound, beautiful message. Sex, Lies, and Videotape changed my career so I will always love that film but I also have strong feelings for Unstrung Heroes directed by Diane Keaton because I think it is one of those small movies, that may not have been a huge commercial hit but it has true value. I love all my cast members and feel blessed to be a part of Cedar Cove.

Your on-screen co-starts have ranged from Hugh Grant to Albert Brooks to Warren Beatty. Who would you love to work with again? 

John Malkovich was amazing to work with, I loved watching Michael Keaton play four characters on Multiplicity, he is a true artist. James Spader, Andy Garcia, Bill Murray, William Hurt, it is hard to pick one, I am thankful for all the amazing teachers I have had, acting is a craft where you keep learning.

Cedar Cove airs Saturdays at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel (Channel 312).

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