Swinging a Sledgehammer with Man Caves’ Jason Cameron

August 25, 2014

Licensed contractor Jason Cameron is pulling double duty, hosting the series Man Caves and Sledgehammer on DIY Network. Jason took a quick break from his insane schedule to speak with DIRECTV about both shows.

Tell us about the thirteenth season of Man Caves.  What are some of the best builds we have to look forward to?

We’ve got some great builds this season! One of my favorites, is a pirate ship bar we built for a guy who’s such a big fan of pirates, he even dresses like one! The bar was built to look like the bow of a real pirate ship, complete with a mermaid figurehead!

Some of the man caves we see on the show are absolutely insane (and yes, we’re a little jealous of all of them).  For those of us on a budget, what is one tip to keep in mind when making our own man caves?

The best tip I can give someone building a man cave on a budget is to take the time and really think through the design. I spend a tremendous amount of time on paper, planning all my builds and perfecting the overall design of each one. A well thought out plan can ultimately save you money and keep you on budget! Trust me, building a man cave without one is a sure way to blow your budget!

Every man cave on the show seems to have a theme…NASCAR, football, gaming, etc.  Have you ever had to turn down a theme when planning out a man cave?  What’s the most original theme that you’ve ever had to work with?

I don’t think we’ve ever turned down a theme for a man cave. Themes and Man Caves go hand in hand! I can’t think of one I would consider the “most original”. One of my favorites was the Star Trek man cave we built for a guy who actually looked and acted like James T. Kirk! I built him a custom captains chair complete with a built-in microphone; which he could use to communicate with Lucy (an interactive computer program) which turned things on and off in the cave. Of course Lucy had a sexy voice and would respond to commands by saying “Yes, Captain”.

This may be heresy, but have you ever had to make a “woman cave?” 

No, I’ve never built a woman cave! Women don’t need one… they have the whole house. Just kidding, ladies! If my wife wanted a woman cave, I’d be happy to build it for her.

Do you have any good stories about Tony Siragusa?  You can tell us anything, we promise not to let him know.

Are you kidding me? I could write a book on Tony Siragusa stories!! My favorite and most painful story is when Goose shot me in the hand with a framing gun. Let me just preface this story by saying, we take safety very seriously when building man caves. We were building a cave for Rainn Wilson and as I was explaining the design to Goose & Rainn, I realized that neither of them was paying attention. They were goofing off like a couple of five year olds! In the middle of my explanation, they started to walk away. What I didn’t realize is that Goose had a framing gun in his hand with his finger on the trigger. I asked them to come back and let me finish. As I raised my hand to motion to the plan, Goose turned at the same time and I heard the framing gun go off! Now, if you’ve ever used a framing gun, you know the sound. As I’m asking Goose what he hit, I realize my thumb on my left hand isn’t moving? As I bring my hand up to examine it, I see the head of the 3” nail on my thumb, and the point sticking out the other side of my hand. The crazy thing was, I didn’t feel any pain! As I’m staring at my hand in disbelief, all I can think to say is… “ That’s not good, that’s not good” and I calmly turn and walk away. The camera follows me out then pans back to Rainn & Goose. Rainn is white as can be, Goose however, has lost no color! He watches me walk away, looks over at Rainn, then slowly puts the framing gun on the floor, slides it away with his foot and walks out of view.

After arriving at Urgent Care, the orthopedic surgeon informed me that I was lucky!? Fortunately for me, or should I say Goose, the nail hit my thumb bone and angled up, skimming across all my other bones. I ended up with two fractures and some pain pills. When I returned to the site, I saw Goose in his car with his agent. I wasn’t about to tell him I was fine, so as I passed the car and mustered up a few tears. Goose rolled his window half way down and asked, “How bad is it?” I replied by saying, “Not good, I need two surgeries and they don’t know if I’ll be able to use my thumb again”. Goose starts to roll his window back up and replies, “You’ll be fine”. Right before the window closes I say, “What, no sympathy?” To that he replies, “You know where you can find sympathy? It’s in the dictionary, look it up”. And with that, the window closed. To this day, (and this was five years ago) Goose has never apologized! I know he felt bad; he’s just not the type to verbalize it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new DIY Network show Sledgehammer?

The best part of my new show Sledgehammer is seeing the look of shock and awe on the faces of the homeowners when I barge into their home and hand them each a sledgehammer! They had no idea when they got up that morning that just a few hours later they’d be smashing part of their house!!

It has to get tough slinging an actual sledgehammer on set for hours on end. What’s your workout regime like? Are you a gym rat?

Swinging a sledgehammer for an extended period of time is no joke! Try swinging a 16lb sledge for 60 seconds straight and see what I mean. Fitness is a huge part of my life! I’m in the gym 5 – 6 days a week and, believe it or not, swinging a sledgehammer into a tractor tire is part of my routine!

Any unique stories from Sledgehammer? Any particularly deserving families or memorable moments?

One moment in particular, really stands out. I was helping some homeowners tear down a drop ceiling in their basement and, out of the corner of my eye; I saw something drop to the floor. Turns out, it was $500 in cash & coins!! We were all excited and surprised! Apparently, the previous homeowner liked to play poker with the boy’s behind his wife’s back. He would stash money in the drop ceiling to hide it. Lucky for these homeowners, he forgot about that stash!

Man Caves airs Fridays at 10/9c and Sledgehammer airs Wednesdays at 10/9c, both on DIY Network (Channel 230).

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